The Wolverton Express 25 June 1969


The 14 contestants lined up, the starter gave the command and they were off to a “Le Mans” start.

The “mums” and their well fed “babes” sprinted to their prams and set off at a hot pace around Castlethorpe.

At the end of the race the “mums” had to down two halves of beer – one straight down and the other through a straw – and the “babes” had their liquid refreshment in a bottle.

The winning “mother and child” Shaun Waugh and Arthur Bluck.

The pram race gave an exciting start to Castlethorpe fete, organised by the village hall committee on Saturday, which raised £45 for general funds

Improved hall

There was also a prize for the most decorative mum, baby and pram, and the winners were M. McIver and R. Gregory.

Opening the fete Mr. S. Nicholls, a member of the village hall committee, said the committee had worked hard to get the hall into a good condition for the villages to use. He appealed to them to spend well, as the money would ultimately help themselves.

A fancy dress competition judged by Mrs. M. J. Lockett was won by Bunny Girl Veronica Marks and Sheik Richard Parris. Other prize winners were: Charlie Chaplin, Annette Nicholls; Tin Soldier, Michelle Markham; ‘A’ Tishoo, Beverley Parris; Red Indians, Julian and Mark Edmunds.