Fetes in the 1930s

Northampton Mercury 03 January 1930


A FANCY DRESS DANCE was held in the Council Schools on New Year’s Eve, organised by Mr. P. Parker and Mr. B. Evans. The judging was done by Capt. and Mrs. Paton, of Hanslope Lodge, and the prize-winners were : Mrs. H. Maltby (Early Victorian), Miss N. Maltby Sweet seventeen), Mr. B. Bavington (Sleepless Nights) and Mr. J. Nichols (Banderlo); children, Miss Harris (Fairy Dyes), Miss B. Cox (Safety First), Master W. Worker (Father Christmas), and Mr. D. Powell (John Bull). The Savolians Band, of New Bradwell, played for dancing. A waltzing competition was won by Mr. R. West ,U. Coey. The prizes was given by Mr. H. Barford of New Bradwell. The lucky dance spot was won by Mr and Mrs. Barford. The following ladies served the refreshments : Miss E. Burbidge, Mrs Limbrey, Mrs. Parker, and Mrs. Hornes. The M.C. was Mr. P. Parker, who was assisted by Mr. B. Evans. The amounted to £7.

Northampton Mercury 31 January 1930

CASTLETHORPE. A DANCE, held in the Council Schools on Friday, realised about £5 for the British Legion Funds. Mr. P. Parker and Mr. B. Evans, the organisers, acted as M.C.’s. Refreshments were supervised Miss E. Burbidge, assisted Mrs. Woodward, Mrs. Limbrey and Mrs. Walton.


In aid of the fund to restore the church roof, a well arranged garden fete was held at Castlethorpe on Saturday last, Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Whiting, with their usual generosity, kindly placing their picturesque and convenient grounds at the disposal of the committee. The restoration work is expected to cost £600, of which £100 had been raised prior to Saturday.
Promptly at 2.30 Mrs. Paton, of The Hanslope Lodge, Hanslope, in a charming little speech, opened the proceedings, and wished them all a very enjoyable time, and hoped that a very substantial sum would accrue from it towards the restoration of their historic church. As a strong example Mrs. Paton herself contributed £5 to the fund.
In the absence of the Vicar (Rev. J. Percy Taylor), the Rev. E. J. Fenn, in a happy little speech, proposed a vote of thanks to Mrs. Paton, and to Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Whiting for their splendid help. He added it was up to the people present to show their appreciation by doing all they could to make the fete a success. Mr. H.P. Cook, the People’s Warden, warmly seconded, and the vote was heartily accorded.
The different stalls, with the names of their superintendents, were as follows:- Fancy stall, Mrs. H.P. Cook and Mrs. Wenlock; Flower stall, Mr. H. Cook and members of the choir; Lemonade, sodas and light refreshments, Mrs. Homer and Mrs. May; Provision stall, Mrs. Mayes, Mrs. Hidderley, Miss Markham and Mr. R. Holt; Bran tubs, Choirboys; Sweet stalls, Miss N. Maltby and Miss Rawlinson; Ice cream, Miss M. Maltby and Miss Cooper; Clock golf, Mr. Harding; Jumble stalls, Mrs. Rawlinson and Mrs. Jesse West; Book stall; stationary, etc., Mrs. Walton and Mrs. Kingston; exhibition of carvings, Mr. J. Rainbow.
The side shows were managed by the following:- Bowling for live pig, Mr. Rawlinson. Table skittles, Mr. Bert Evans and Mr. Frank Mills. Ground skittles, Mr. Jack Pittam. Cocoanuts, Mr. Sharpe.
The tea department was in charge of Mrs. M. M. Lewis, aided by a band of helpers.
At a whist drive held in the evening the following prizes were awarded: Set of brushes in case, shaving set, aluminium hot water jug, fruit set, cut glass basin, and gent’s purse. The M.C. was Mr. Arthur Masterman.
There were two draws, one for a box of chocolates and the other for a doll and cot, conducted by Miss Gertie Algar and Miss Margery Bavington respectively.
The following dances were given by a party of Cosgrove children: Helston Furry Dance, Peascods, Black Nag, If all the world were paper, Rufty Tufty, Sweet Kate, Butterflies, and Bo-peep. They were very charming and much enjoyed by all those present.

Although threatening, the weather was favourable, and those present had a very enjoyable time. The gate-keepers were Mr. Maltby, Mr. J. Evans, Mr. A. Nicholls and Mr. J. West. Mr. H. P. Cook carried out the secretarial duties with ability and satisfaction.

Northampton Mercury 20 June 1930


British Legion Entertain Old Folk and Children.

The Castlethorpe Branch of the British Legion promoted a village holiday, on Saturday, and entertained the old-age pensioners and the village children to tea in the grounds of Home Farm, lent by the president, Mr. J. E. Whiting.
Lord Hillingdon and the Misses Atkinson were the of a fancy dress parade, and Mrs. Mark Poore distributed the prizes won in the competitions and in the sports. Mrs. J. E. Whiting handed to Mr. C. W. Harding, the chairman of the branch, a certificate testifying the appreciation of the members of the services he had rendered since the formation of the Branch.
The Bradwell United Silver Band played selections and for dancing. Each child received a gift of chocolate on leaving.

Northampton Mercury 08 July 1932

British Legion Treat at

The annual summer holiday of the Castlethorpe branch of the British Legion was made very pleasurable by fine weather and the free run of gardens, grounds, and field by the president, Mr. J. E. Whiting. With characteristic generosity, Mr. Whiting assisted in every way possible to make the event a success.
The school children, many in fancy dress, paraded the village, headed by the New Bradwell Band. The British Legion standard was carried Mr. C. W. Harding.
The fancy dresses were judged by Captain and Mrs. P. Y. Atkinson, and Mrs. Atkinson presented the prizes as follows: Girls under 8 years, 1 Evelyn Markham. 2 Pamela Markham, 3 Shirley Clarke, 4 B. Ray. Boys under 8 years, 1 B. Webster, 2 Harold Homer, 3 Clifford Markham, 4 Eric May. Girls over 8, equal J. T. Nichols and Kathleen Marks, equal 2 N. Cowley and E. Ball, equal 3 P. Bull and Gwen Jones, equal 4 Sylvia Markham, Betty Ray and M. Meacham. Boys over 8, 1 Stanley Nichols, 2 B. Sawbridge, 3 Leslie Markham, equal 4 Maurice Smith, W. Kingston and C. Hall.
Captain Atkinson duplicated the prizes in the senior classes.
Sports were carried out under the direction of a sub-committee comprising Messrs. Harding, J. Herbert, W. D. Markham, and H. Clarke. Mr. J. E. Whiting and Mr. A. Masterman were judges, and Mrs. Whiting presented the prizes.
Side-shows were supervised Miss Burbidge, Mr. A. Jones (Wolverton), Mr. P. Waring, Mrs. Waring, Mrs. Sawbridge, Miss Pittam, Mrs. J. A. Cowley, Mrs. Homer, Mr. Mothersole, Mr. Townsend, Mr. Meacham, Mr. B. Webster, Mr. W. Hall, Mr. J. K. Gobbey, Mr. T. Baker, Mr. J. Rainbow, Mr. R. Holt, and Mr. W. Wingrave.
At tea, served in the large barn, the children and old-age pensioners were guests. The meal was served Mesdames H. Clarke, W. D. Markham, J. Herbert, Townsend, Bates, Axon, Webster, Ball, and Miss Holt, and the catering committee consisted of Messrs. J. A. Cowley, R. Panter, F. Herbert, E. Coey, J. May and E. Homer.
The arrangements were made by Mr. Linbrey, Mr. W. T. Clarke (hon. secretary), and the various committees.

Northampton Mercury 29 July 1932




Castlethorpe Fancy Dress Competitors c1932

Lady Holland opened a fete in aid of the Church funds at Castlethorpe on Saturday.
Lady Holland recalled that for some years she and her family worshipped at Castlethorpe Church.
A bouquet of carnations was presented to her by Anne Whiting.
The fete was held in the gardens of Mr. J. E. Whiting, a generous host and helper.

£400 PAID

The Rev. E. J. Fenn (curate-in-charge)said they had paid £400 towards the £483 needed for the repair of the roof of the nave. The cost of repairing the roof of the north aisle was £209, and the north-east window £35.
Lady Holland was accompanied by Mrs. Martin, and others present were Mrs. Mark Poore (Hanslope Park), Mr. J. E. Whiting, Major A. L. K. Anderson, Mr. T. Osborne (Blisworth), Mr. J. Rawlinson and Mr. H. P. Cook (churchwardens) and Mr. F. J. Mills (hon. treasurer).
Displays of country dancing were given by pupils of Miss M. A. Cook (Northampton).
The stallholders were; Jumble stall, Mrs. and Miss H. Rawlinson; fancy stall, Mrs. C. Harding and Mrs. E. Homer; sweets and lemonade. Miss D. Mills and Miss C. Waring; bran-tub and balloons. Master Ralph Walton and Mr. J. Pittam; character delineation, Master T. Mayes; ice-cream, Mrs. J. Evans and Mr. C. Evans; flowers and vegetables. Mrs. C. Brown; pound stall. Mrs. Mayes, Mrs. Hidderley and Mr. R. Holt; postcards. Mr. T. West.
Refreshments, Mrs. H. P. Cook, assisted by Mesdames F. Mills, Kingston, Walton, Maltby, Waring, Webster, W. Axon, Cooper, West, Misses N. Pittam and H. Holt; fancy articles, Miss Gregory; hoop-la, Misses N. and R. Maltby; competitions, Miss L. Cooper and Mr. and Mrs. C. N. Harding.
Side-shows were in charge of Mrs. A. B. Moore, Mrs. A. Clarke, Miss N. Jones, Messrs. J. T. Rawlinson, A. Rainbow, T. West, F. Mills, A. Clarke, R. Sharpe, Webster, W. Kingston and E. Kingston.
Mr. W. Clarke was M.C. at a dance.

Castlethorpe Fancy Dress Competitors in the early 1930s assembelled on the Square

Northampton Mercury 01 March 1935


A highly successful fancy dress dance, m aid of the Northampton General Hospital Fund, was held in the Castlethorpe Council School, on Saturday. The programme of dance music was ably presented by the boys of the Wolverton Technical College Orchestra, including Masters R. Anstey, S. R. Baldwin, T. Chayter, B. J. Furniss, R. C. Green, and J. Wills, assisted Mr. T. Clarridge with his accordion. The judges for the fancy dress were Mrs. J. Whiting (Castlethorpe) and Mrs F. Whiting (Gayhurst). the committee responsible for the arrangements, included: Mrs. R. Mayes (chairman), Mr. and Mrs. B. Brown, Mr. and Mrs. H. Cook, Mrs. W. Hidderley, Mr. R. Mayes, Mrs. M. M. Lewis, Miss Buxton, Mr. R. Panter, and Mrs. W. Furniss (hon. secretary). A sum of £9  9s. 5d. was realised.

Northampton Mercury 12 July 1935


MRS. GRANT-THOROLD, of Cranford Hall, performed the opening ceremony at garden party held at Castlethorpe Lodge, by permission of Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Whiting, in aid of the Castlethorpe Parish Church roof fund. She was presented with a bouquet of carnations by Miss Ann Whiting. The stallholders were: Household, Mrs. C. Harding, Mrs. Homer; flowers, Mrs. M. Lewis, Mrs. Furniss; pound stall. Mr. Holt, Mrs. Maltby; jumble stall, Mrs. and Miss H. Rawlinson; sweets. Miss Walton, Miss Mills; bran tub, Mr. H. Homer, Miss Clarke. Sideshows were run Messrs. T. and S. West, Harold Cook, W. Simpson, A. Clarke, Willett, F. Walton, H. and F. Atkins, C. Harding, J. West, R. Garrett, and T. Pittam. Mrs. H. Cook superintended teas. Dancing displays were given by Northampton pupils, and music by the New Bradwell United Band. Over £40 was realised.

Northampton Mercury 06 September 1935



MANY HELPEES Saturday’s showery weather caused a change of plans for the first garden fete held Castlethorpe in aid of the funds of Northampton General Hospital. Mr. and Mrs. J. E, Whiting had placed their gardens and grounds Castlethorpe Lodge at the disposal of the committee, but in the morning the venue was transferred to the schools, where the opening ceremony was performed by Mrs. H. Grant-Thorold, of Cranford Hall, Kettering.
Mrs. Grant-Thorold congratulated Castlethorpe on its enterprise for having organised a hospital fete of its own, and she hoped it would meet with great success. All the time, she said, something new was being introduced in order to bring the hospital up-to-date, and everything was done for the comfort and happiness of the patients. Thanks were expressed by Mrs. J. E. Whiting, and others present included Mr. Whiting, Mr. E. P. S. Watts (Hanslope Park), the Rev. E. J. Fenn, and Mr. C. H. Battle, secretary of the Northampton Hospital Committee.
An entertainment was given by the Misses A. and P. Whiting and friends and the pupils of Castlethorpe School. An auction sale was conducted by Mr. F. Farney Brown.
The officials were: President, the Rev. E. J. Fenn; vice-presidents, the Rev. B. L. Symonds, Major Anderson, Dr. Cooper, Messrs. J. Cannon, F. Farney Brown, J. E. Whiting, B. Whiting, W. Markham, W. Beesley and W. Hidderley; committee, Mrs. E. Mayes (chairman and treasurer), Mrs. B. Brown, Mrs. Harold Cook, Mrs. W. Hidderley, Mrs. M. M. Lewis, the Misses Buxton and Olney, and Messrs. B. Brown, Harold Cook, C. Harding, E. Mayes, E. Panter and G. White; hon. secretary, Mrs. Winifred Furness.
Additional helpers for the fete were: Messrs. F. Carpenter, Clarke, Coey, Hy. Cook, J, Cowley, D, Faulkner, Furniss, Garrett, J. Green, E. Green, F. Herbert, J. Herbert, E. Holt, J. Marsh, Meacham, F. Mills, E, Nicholls, J. Nicholls, L. Nicholls, M. Lewis, J. Rawlinson, L. Robinson, E. Walton, T. West, J. Worker, Mrs. Atkins, Mrs. J. Brown, Mrs. Buxton, Mrs. Clarke, Mrs, F. Clarke, Mrs. Hy. Cook, Mrs. J. Cowley, Mrs. Garrett, Mrs. E. Green, Mrs. C. Harding, Mrs. Homer, Mrs. Limbrey, Mrs, Maltby, Mrs. E. Markham, Mrs. J. Marsh, Mrs. F. Mills, Mrs. W. Mills, Mrs. Mothersole, Mrs. E. Nicholls, Mrs. J. Nicholls, Mrs. J. Rawlinson, Mrs. Walton, and the Misses Carpenter, M. Cowley, Cowley, W. Clarke, Cox, D. Clarke. Gregory, Markham, D. Markham, Mothersole, Pittam, Stones, Tipler and Worker.

Northampton Mercury 12 June 1936


The annual garden fete in aid of Castlethorpe’s effort for Northampton Hospital was held on Saturday in the grounds of Castlethorpe Lodge, by permission of Mr. J. E. Whiting. The Misses Atkinson, of Paulerspury, attended for the opening ceremony, and were welcomed by the Rev. E. J. Fenn (curate-in-charge), president of the Hospital Committee. Mr. C. H. Battle, who was accompanied by two nurses from Northampton Hospital, congratulated the workers of Castlethorpe on their enthusiastic efforts.
A fancy dress competition was judged by the Misses Atkinson and the two nurses, and resulted: Girls under 14, 1 Lily Mothersole, 2 Thora Nichols. 3 Lorna Piper; under 11. 1 Joan Cox, 2 Phyllis Ray, 3 Betty Gray; boys under 11, 1 John Webster, 2 Donald Cox, 3 Leslie Ward.
Stallholders were; Household and fancy, Mrs. B. C. Brown, Mrs. E. Green, Mrs. J. Cowley, Miss G. Olney; fruit, sweets and flowers. Mrs L. Mothersole, Miss M. Maltby—flower girl, Miss L. Mothersole: grocery, Mrs. Coey, Mrs. A. Marks. Side-shows were arranged members of the Castlethorpe branch of the British Legion, competitions were run by Mr. F. Atkins, and other attractions included a dancing display by girls and selections by the Bradwell United Band. Arrangements were made by a committee of which Miss Buxton is hon. secretary.

Northampton Mercury 11 June 1937




In marked contrast to last year, when there was a great deal of rain, Castlethorpe hospital fete was held on Saturday in sunny weather. Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Whiting, of Castlethorpe Lodge, again lent their grounds and an enjoyable time was spent a large company of visitors.
At the opening ceremony the president (the Rev. E. J. Fenn) was supported by Mr. and Mrs. G. H. Winterbottom, of Cosgrove Hall, Captain Upwood, Mrs. Farmiloe, Mrs. Mayes (chairman), Mrs. J. E. Whiting, Mr. R. Panter (hon. treasurer). Miss Buxton (hon. secretary), Mr. C. H. Battle, and two sisters from Northampton Hospital (Miss Alker and Miss Thomas).
The president remarked that Castlethorpe realised how much they owed to Northampton Hospital, and last year they raised over £100, although the enjoyment of the fete was spoilt the weather. He expressed his thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Whiting for the use of their grounds. In declaring the fete open, Mrs. Winterbottom said that the object, of aiding the funds of Northampton Hospital, was so, well-known to them that she need not stress it, but she would remind them that the hospital was one of the finest of its kind in the country. Not only Northampton, but a wide range of districts outside, benefited by its efforts, and these were only possible if its funds were kept up. It was no exaggeration to say that in helping that day they could feel that they were playing the game, and giving the sick and suffering a chance. She felt that such a spirit of helpfulness was particularly appropriate to the Coronation year. Let them try to do their best as a team.


Miss Pat Whiting presented Mrs. Winterbottom with bouquet of roses.
Mr. C. H. Battle, secretary of Northampton Hospital Week Committee, said that Castlethorpe had done splendidly in raising money, and last year’s effort was magnificent. They were doing their part in that district, and the Northampton Hospital authorities were doing their part as quickly as it could be done by extending in all directions and making their work more efficient day by day.
Mrs. Winterbottom had been a great friend to the hospital and they appreciated the way in which she helped them. The stallholders were: Pound stall, Mrs. Coey, Mrs. Marks: sweets, flowers and fruit, Mrs. Mothersole, Miss M. Maltby and Miss Lillie Mothersole (buttonholes) : fancy stall, Mrs. Green, Mrs. Brown, Miss Olney
Sideshows, comprising skittles, bowling for a pig, Aunt Sally, spinning wheel, bagatelle, and other amusements were run by local members of the British Legion: Messrs. H. Cook, A. Meacham, J. Herbert, T. and S. West, E. Green, W. Wingrave, A. Harding and B. C. Brown.


The judging of the children’s fancy dress was carried out by Mrs. Winterbottom and party and the nurses from Northampton. Awards: Under seven years of age, 1 Betty Gray, 2 Tommy Booth; seven to 14 years, 1 “St. Neots Quads” (Lillie Mothersole, Madge Meacham, Betty Robinson. Nora Cowley), 2 Audrey Walton, 3 Phyllis Ray.
Tea was served in a large barn by Mrs. Walton, Mrs. Limbrey, Mrs W. Mills, Mrs. F. Mills, and Mrs. Cook and others.
In the evening there was dancing on the lawn, whist drive, and dancing display.
The arrangements were carried out committee, of which Mrs. Mayes was chairman. Miss Buxton, hon. secretary, and Mr. R. Panter hon. treasurer.

Northampton Mercury 10 June 1938


Mrs. P. Y. Atkinson, of Cosgrove Priory, performed the opening ceremony at the annual fete on behalf of funds of Northampton General Hospital at Castlethorpe. The gathering took place in garden and grounds lent by Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Whiting.
Mr. C. H. Battle (Northampton), who presided, said that changes were being made in connection with the Hospital which would prove very beneficial to Northamptonshire and North Bucks.
Of one thing they could rest assured, that the poorest person in that area who needed the aid of the Hospital could be sure of receiving the same consideration and treatment as under the old arrangement.
Mrs. Atkinson was thanked and Captain Atkinson replied on her behalf. The Rev. E. J. Fenn thanked Mr. Battle, the stallholders, and Mr. and Mrs. Whiting for lending their grounds.

A children’s fancy dress parade was judged by Mrs. Atkinson and Mrs. Whiting. Awards: Under seven years, 1 Ruby Hart (Bride). 2 Gwennie Worker (Dutch Girl), Tommy Booth (Jockey). Over seven years, Phyllis Ray, 2 Nora Meacham (Sweep), 3 Betty Gray (Witch). Consolation prizes, John Gray and Norman West.
The stalls and amusements were: Fancy, Miss G. Olney. Mrs. Brown, Mrs. J. Cowley; grocery, Mrs. A. Coey, Mrs. F. Marks; hidden treasure, Rev. E. J. Fenn; bran tub, Mrs. Buxton, Miss D, Clarke; sweets and lemonade, Misses R. and M. Maltby; coconuts, Mr. A. Meacham and Miss M. Meacham; bowling, Mr. F. Stones; skittles, Mr.  G. White; squares game Mr. W. Kingston; ice cream. Miss C. Waring and Miss L. Cooper; ground skittles, Mr. H. Cook; spinning jenny, Mr. R. Panter; shove-half-penny, Mr. J. Cowley; darts. Mr. A. Cowley and Mr. J. Cooper. There were also competitions and a concert arranged by Mrs. C. H. Scott, of New Bradwell.
Teas were served in the large barn Mrs. H. Cook, Mrs. F. Mills, Mrs. W. Mills, Mrs. J. Walton, Mrs. W. Kingston, Mrs. A. Clarke, and Mrs. Cooper, assisted Messrs. E. Nichols. E. Coey, and F. Herbert. Dancing took place on the lawn in the evening. The arrangements were made by Miss Buxton.