Fetes in the 1940s

Northampton Mercury 03 August 1945


Castlethorpe Hospital Fete, held in the grounds of Castlethorpe Lodge, by permission of Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Whiting, realised £96 for Northampton General Hospital War Memorial Appeal.
The opening ceremony was performed by Mrs. H. E. Meacham (Stony Stratford), who was thanked by Mr. Whiting (chairman of the Hospital Committee). Mr. Meacham also spoke.
Judging of the children’s fancy dress parade resulted in prizes for Keith Gregory as the baby in the best decorated pram., for Ann Grey and Roger Ward as the wearers of the most effective costumes, for Joan Bates and Gordon Pettifer who displayed the most original costumes descriptive respectively of “Drink More Milk” and “No more Queues.” and for Christine Ward whose “Baby Bride” won for her a special prize. For the remaining entrants Mr. and Mrs. Whiting and Mrs. H. Jarman presented special consolation prizes.
Music was provided by Mr. A. Bennet’s Dance Orchestra.
Stalls and side-shows were supervised by Mrs. Whiting, Mrs. J. Sawbridge, Mr. J. Cowley, Mr H. Cook, Mrs. R. Mayes, Mrs. H. I. Lewis, Mrs. H. Jarman, Mrs. J. Cowley, Mrs. A. Cowley. Mrs. Chapman, Mrs. Paris, Mrs. Ives, Mrs. Shepherd, Sergt.-Major Ives and Mr. Shepherd.
Tea helpers- were Mrs. H. Cook. Mrs. Cooper. Mrs. G. Evans. Mrs. Evans. Mrs. Burbidge, Mrs. Limbrey Mrs. Maltbv, Mrs. P. Mills, Mrs. W. Mills, Mrs. H. Ray, Mrs. E. Ray and Mrs. G. White.
At a supper which followed the helpers were Mrs. A. Bavington, Mrs. J. Bavington, Mrs. F. Bavington, Mrs. Harding, Mrs. J. Horner, Mrs. Lambert and Mrs. W. J. Robinson. Competitions and sales were run by Mrs. Coey, Mrs. Carpenter, Mrs. Wingrave, Mrs. Welman and Mr. C. Harding. The fete secretary was Mrs. W. Furniss, assisted by Miss R. Maltby and Miss M. Maltby.

The Wolverton Express 19 August 1949

Castlethorpe Legion and Youth Club Stage Successful Gala Day


The enterprise of Castlethorpe residences was again demonstrated last week, when a programme of events emanated on Saturday with an enjoyable and most successful gala day. On four days previously - Monday to Thursday- a team of men and youths adopted the old-fashioned method of money raising by touring villages with a barrel organ, and ably led by Mr. Clifford Markham, they raised the large sum of £32, which consolidated the gala programme before the actual day.
The enthusiasm of the residents to assist the social life of the village was demonstrated by the generous contributions of gifts to the pound stall.
The total effort realised £149, a record sum for Castlethorpe.
The organisations responsible for the events were the British Legion and the Youth Club. On the evenings mentioned a lorry loaned by Mr. W. Markham conveyed the barrel-organ to the villages, and also the following workers in fancy costume: Mr. Clifford Markham (And-So-To-Bed), Mr. Paddy Mullins (John Bull), Mr. Jim Willett (blonde Lady), Mr. Bill Ray and Ken Ray (Negroes), Norman West and John Gray (Tramps). The villages visited were Ravenstone, Stoke Goldington, Olney, Hartwell, Roade, Grafton Regis, Yardley Gobion, Potterspury, Wakefield Lodge, Cosgrove, Castlethorpe, Old Stratford, Deanshanger, Haversham village and estates, and Old Bradwell. A prize to the collector with the highest amount in his box was offered by Mr. Cliff Markham, and was won by Paddy Mullins. The grand total of the collection was £32 5s. 9d.

Fancy Dress Parade

On the gala day the proceedings opened with the assembly of those in fancy costume at the Schools, and they numbered close on forty. They proceeded to Castlethorpe Lodge Farm, which grounds were thrown open by Mr. J. E. Whiting, J.P. and Mrs. Whiting, and there the entries were judged by Mrs. Whiting, Mrs. J. Cannon, Mrs. J. Sawbridge, Mrs. R. J. Mayes, and Miss Simmonds, whose awards were: Three to six years, 1. Susan Ridout (Hawaiian Girl), 2. Ann Gray (Miss Muffet), 3. (equal) John Pittam (Colorado Beetle) and Tommy Hart (Dick Whittington).
Seven to ten years old: 1. Jennifer Hart (Dutch Girl), 2. Robin Hart (Pirate), 3. Kenneth Evans (Indian).
Eleven to fifteen years: 1. Edward Booth (No More Strikes), 2. Kathleen and Howard Foakes (Bisto Kids), 3. Hazel Brown (Flower Girl).
Adults: 1. Paddy Mullins (John Bull), 2. Mrs. J. Evans (Puritan Girl), 3. Mr. J. Willett (Bed-time Lady).
Special prizes given by the judges went to Ruby Hart and Jean Limbrey (Brides-maids), and Mary Ward (Mary, Mary Quite Contrary).

Opening Ceremony

The opening ceremony followed, at which Mr. H. Dolling presided and thanked Mr. and Mrs. Whiting for kindly allowing the organizers the use of their grounds. They were presented with a bouquet and buttonhole respectively by Dorothy Belton and Peter Thomas.
Mr. Dolling introduced Mr. H. A. G. Durbridge, of Messrs. W. B. and W. R. Bull, solicitors, of Newport Pagnell, who opened the fete. In doing so he appealed for support to the two worthy causes – the British Legion Benevolent Fund and the Youth Club – saying that all ex-Servicemen should join the Legion, whilst there were social benefits to be derived from membership of Youth Clubs.

Stalls and Side-shows

There was a round of amusements and stalls, including those amusements presented by Mr. Fred Andrews, of Stony Stratford. Mr. B. Sawbridge supervised this section and helpers were: Mr. N. West and Mr. J. Belton (crazy ball); Mr. J. Herbert and Mr. J. Gray (aerial chasers); Mr. J. Carpenter and Mr. C. Pittam (table skittles); Mr. H. Homer and Mr. E. Homer (ground skittles); Mr. M. Paris (darts) Mr. S. Thomas (ski-ball); Mr. B. Mills (roll-a-penny); and Mr. J. Cowley (spinning jenny).
Teas were served from a tent by Mrs. B. Sawbridge (convenor), Mrs. P. Chapman, Mrs. A. Cowley, and Mrs. J. Brown, with Mr. L. Evans (boilerman); and ices by Mrs. Paton and Mrs. Pettifer. There was also a pound stall in the tent and supervised by the ladies: whilst goods were collected from householders by Mrs. S. Thomas and Mrs. L. Evans.

Races For All Ages

In the adjoining field, the Legionaires arranged a programme of races for all ages. After each event prizes were handed to those successful by Mrs. F. Ridout, the prize money being generously provided by Mrs. W. D. Markham of Manor Farm Castlethorpe.
Sports officials were: Mr. Murray and Mr. C. Markham (starters), Mr. C. Harding (secretary); and Mr. P. Mullins and Mr. W. Scripps (judges). Mr. J. Stewart and Mr. L. Scripps were in charge of donkey rides.
There was country dancing on the lawn by the village schoolchildren under the direction of Miss Buxton (headmistress) and Miss Eakins (a teacher).
The microphone and amplifier was manipulated by Mr. P. Chapman. A dance in the Schoolroom concluded a happy day.
The general arrangements for the day’s entertainment were supervised by Mr. Arthur Cowley (British Legion), while Miss Audrey Pettifer deputized for Miss Joy Hall (Youth Leader) who had sustained an accident.