Harvest Supper 1968

L-R: Mrs. Brown, Mrs Cannon, Mrs. Whiting, Mr. Brown

Mrs Betty Sawbridge (standing)
Seated left to right: Vera Clarke, Kathleen Parkin, Minnie Cook, Harold Cook, Mrs. Sinfield

Left to right: Iris Grace, Judith Grace, Pearl Hancock, David Hancock, Bill Welch

Standing: Tom West
Left to right: Philip Grace, next three children are the Rev. Otter’s children, Nigel, Stacey, Jonathan Stacy

Left to right: Mary Pearce, Nancy Sawbridge, Pam Homer, Rene West, Mrs. Carter, Mrs. Harry Cook,
Seated: Joan Marks, Mrs. Marjorie Pittam, unknown

Left to right: Mr. Brown, Charles Sawbridge, Harold Homer, Norman West, Ben Sawbridge, Tom West, Len Grace,
Front row: Terry Lockwood, Douglas Morgan

Left to right: Marjorie Maltby, Mrs. E. Nicholls, Mr. Waring, unknown, unknown, unknown

Left to right: Leonard Nicholls, Tom West, Betty Sawbridge, Jack Sawbridge