Castlethorpe Treat 1904

Northampton Mercury 15 July 1904



Mr. Claude Borrett, Hatton Court, near Castlethorpe. entertained the whole of the school children and in habitants of the village at his residence on Tuesday, the occasion of the birthday one the members of his family. Mrs. Borrett was present, and Mrs. Mattei and Miss Benan formed the house party. The children were entertained to tea, and afterwards games were indulged in, refreshments being supplied ad. lib. The evening concluded with good display of fireworks. The treat was unfortunately marred by an accident. Some of the children were playing the on the “see-saws," when all those on one end got off, and the rest on the opposite ride fell. Doris Cowley happened to be the bottom one, and she sustained a fracture of the left arm just above the wrist. We are pleased hear that the sufferer is progressing satisfactorily.