Year Date
1920 Feb 03 That a meeting of the Allotment Holders be held in the Council School on Monday 1st Dec to select site for new allotment to take the place of those who will be disturbed by the gift made by the Mqr.of Lincolnshire to the Newport District Council.
1920 Jun 25 Mr W. Manning & Mr J. Whiting gave their report of the meeting with the sub Housing Committee on the various sites selected.
After hearing the report of two members of the Council that the question of site be left in the hands of the Officers of the Housing Committee.
1920 Jul 12 A duly convened Parish Meeting with T. Osborn J.P. in the chair. Business: To consider a letter received from the agents of Marquis of Lincolnshire. Asking that the selection of the building site to be settled by a meeting of rate payers.
The clerk read letter dated July 2 1920 The chairman explained the advantages of the allotment of other sites mentioned and after giving time for a fair discussion a vote was taken of the meeting.
For the front of the allotment to be the site for housing. 36 Against the site 14.
Resolved that this meeting also accepts the offer of a similar area in Mr Clarke's field for allotments.
A resolution was passed thanking His Lordship for the generous gift to the parish. Also for giving the privilege of making the selection.
1920 Sep 14 This Council recommend to the Housing committee 6 rooms or Parlour Type.
1930 May 22 A petition was read from five parishioners asking for the Council's support for the erection of some Council Houses in Castlethorpe. It was decided to forward the petition to the Rural District Council with a letter supporting the building of a number of Council House on the village.
1930 Aug 13 A letter reply to the application for Council Houses was read, the Housing Committee stating that the Castlethorpe housing conditions were in a much better condition than several other parishes in the district. On these grounds the Committee cannot build at the present time, but would consider the matter at a future date. The Clerk was directed to write to the Housing Committee stating that the Parish Council were disappointed at the reply as one house had been condemned & closed, another was in a bad state of repair whilst two were over crowded. The Council still thought four houses were needed.
1930 Nov 27 Mr Gobbey proposed that as another house had been condemned & under a closing order, the Council should write again to the Housing Committee requesting them to reconsider their decision about building four houses. If the rural District Council could not see its way to build four houses, could they build to, to meet the present situation.
Public Meeting - A Petition was read signed by over forty parishioners requesting the Council to call a public Meeting to discuss the Village Housing Question.
The Council thought that as they were still negotiating with the Housing Committee it would be better to defer the Public meeting until definite reply was received from the Housing Committee.
1931 Jan 07 Sanitary Inspector had been instructed to make a report to them, on available sites in the Parish. The Council were of the unanimous opinion that satisfactory progress was being made in the matter.
1931 Jan 12 The Chairman then called on the Clerk to read the Notice convening the present meeting the purpose of which was to discuss the Housing Question, as requested by a Petition signed by over Forty Parochial Electors & sent to the Council. He then read the Petition and pointed out that although a member of the Housing Committee had been invited to attend as requested, the Council had received a reply stating that the Committee did not meet until Janry 14th, and that if a member were nominated on that date his name would have to go before the full board, & it was improbable the member would be able to attend a meeting before the early part of February. Under the circumstances the Chairman said it is for this meeting to decide if it proceeds or if it is adjourned.
The Chairman asked Mr Dollings as sender of the Petition to open the discussion on the Housing Question. Mr Dollings said he should like to hear the Correspondence read, between the Parish Council & the Rural District Council. The Chairman then read the correspondence from May 22nd last when five parishioners made an application for Council Houses, up to the present time, when the latest letter from the Housing Committee stated that the Surveyor had been instructed to make a report upon available building sites in the Parish.
Mr Marsh, Mr Mapley, Mr Richardson, Mr Olney, Mr Low & Mr H. Dollings all spoke on the question. Mr Dollings speeches were mostly in a fault finding vein although he admitted it looked as if the village would get some Council Houses.
Mr W.T. Clarke said he would propose that the parishioners were satisfied that the Council had done their part in a proper manner & should proceed on the same lines, Mr Algar seconded. Mr Marsh said he would support the resolution if put in black and white. Mr Richardson and Mr Dollings did not think a resolution of any sort was necessary. Mr Clarke handed out this written resolution. "The parishioners are satisfied with the way the Council is handling the Housing Question in Castlethorpe and are also satisfied that there is no need for any action to be taken other than that which the Council is already taking or deem it necessary later to take which he proposed, Mr Algar seconded & Mr Marsh supported. Mr Onley wished to know if this resolution were passed would end the discussion. The Chairman said as he had the power to give the casting vote, he should vote for the resolution consider it carried, the discussion ended and the meeting closed.
1931 Mar 09 Mr A. Markham R.D.C. stated in regard to the Housing Question about the offer of a free site offered some years ago was not now available. The Housing Committee met on Wedy. March 11th 1931 when three sites would be before the R.D.C. for consideration & no doubt the result published.
1932 Mar 01 A letter was read from the R.D. Council stating that they had now secured the offer of a suitable site for houses in Castlethorpe and asking the Parish Council as to the minimum number of houses required to meet the present needs. The Council were of the opinion that the minimum number required was six, two having been closed, two converted into one under the order of the Sanitary Inspector, and there are three other cottages which the Council consider to be in a similar condition to those already closed. It was agreed to send a reply to the letter, in effect as above.
1932 Mar 14 The Chairman stated that the Council had heard from the R.D. Council that an offer off a site for building had now been secured. The Council had replied to certain questions in regard to the minimum number of houses required for present needs & had stated the reason.
1932 May 02 An application for a house sent by Mr W. Worker, Station Rd. was dealt with, and the clerk was instructed to forward same to Mr Casstles Surveyor, Newport Pagnell.
1932 Oct 27 An application for a house sent by Mr Martin, Crewe was dealt with & the clerk was instructed to forward same to Mr Casstles, Newport Pagnell.
1937 Jan 21 Erection of Council Houses: Mr. White proposed that application be made for the erection of eight council houses, on the present vacant ground already owned by the Rural District Council. This proposal did not meet with a seconder.
1937 Mar 15 Mr. H. Dolling asked why there should not be some more Council Houses built on the ground already existing in Castlethorpe. Other parishes were having houses erected, and he suggested that New Council get in tough with Rural District Council regarding building of 8 new houses.
1937 Sep 08 The Council to ask the Rural District Council as to how Castlethorpe stood regarding another eight Council Houses being erected on existing plot of ground.
1938 Feb 09 Mr. Richardson then put facts before the Council concerning the suggested renovation of several cottages in the parish. After some careful debating on the subject, it was agreed that the clerk write to the Housing Committee, stating that they (the Council) were against any money being spent on old property, and bearing in mind the condemned cottages, it appeared that Eight House should be put on the existing ground, already reserved for that purpose. The feeling of the Council was strongly in favour of new houses for the agricultural workers, and it was hoped that the Housing Committee would carry this out.
1938 Mar 15 Mr. Richardson was able to explain how things were going, that he had met a sub-committee, and it was evident this committee were going to renovate several old cottages in preference to building new. Mr. Dolling expressed the wish that a protest go from the meeting, condemning the renovation of cottages in question.
1938 May 26 Mr Richardson then put before the Council details of the new Housing Financial Provisions laid down in the Act, passed by the Government 1938. The Chairman read the Provisions out and it was agreed by Council that the clerk write to the Rural District, asking for at least four of the Non Parlour type houses to suit agricultural workers, to be erected in the village.
1938 Aug 10 Nothing seemed to have been achieved since the adoption taken at the last meeting, and it was evident that the matter seemed to be held over for a time.
1939 Mar 20 It was known by all present, that the R.D.C. had publicly announced that Eight more Houses would be erected in Castlethorpe during the present year. Mr. Richardson stressed that the houses should be reserved for Agricultural Labourers as much as possible.
1943 Feb 21 Council asking for the opinion of the Parish Council as to the necessity, or otherwise, for building more Council Houses in Castlethorpe for agricultural workers. The Clerk was instructed to reply to the effect that, in their opinion, four houses should be erected immediately on the purchased site, adjoining the present Council Houses and a further eight houses should be built, in accordance with R.D.C. planning , on a site in Station Road, considered to be suitable for the purpose.
1946 Jul 29 In view of the large number of applications for the recently completed four houses. Mr. Dolling moved that 8 more Council Houses be asked for, and the Council was in full agreement.
Mr. Ray brought notice to the Council of several items needing attention at the new Council Houses. Dust bins had not been supplied as yet, also boundary hedge was not satisfactory, and the roofs of huts had not been finished off in a sound manner.
Mr Ray being a tenant was fully acquainted with these minor setbacks, and the council advised him to hand these details to the Rural District Councillor (Mr W. Markham) to enable him to lodge the matter with the Rural District Council.
1946 Sep 02 Mr Markham stated he would see the Housing Committee regarding the supply of dust bins to the new Council Houses, also the dividing fence, in fact he would ask Mr Casstles to meet him with a view to looking round the houses and putting minor defects in order.
1947 Jan 06 The severe weather had brought more complaints from the new houses.
Some snow and rain had entered the houses, under doors and through window frames, etc.
It was resolved to inform the R.D.C. of these faults, and ask for them to be remedied.
1948 Feb 16 As there was still over crowding in the village, and some time had elapsed since the last Council Houses were built it was thought fitting to ask the Rural District Housing Committee for a further four houses, to be erected on the already approved site.
1948 Mar 15 Mr Harry Cook stated that he understood Council Houses were to be erected down the station road. Thought this to be most unfair to present house owners down the road. After some discussion it was proposed Mr Cowley seconded Mr Mills that another site should be chosen and recommended by the Council. Also asking for members of the Housing Committee to meet members of the Council with a view to choosing another site.
1948 Apr 26 Mr Ray brought to their notice of the meeting the very open approach to the Lavatories of the Council Houses. It was proposed Mr Gobbey seconded Mr Brown, that a letter be sent to the Housing Committee, stating that the Lavatories were not at all private and suggesting a fence should be erected in front of each lavatory.
1949 Feb 14 Nothing more had been heard regarding new houses for Castlethorpe and the Chairman suggested making inquiries of the Housing Committee as to the present position.
1949 May 23 The Chairman brought notice to the Housing question in the parish. Some time back, the Council had asked for Eight Houses, and the query today was, could they be let easily to persons in the parish or would it mean bringing people from outside the parish.
After some discussion it was proposed Mr Bywater seconded Mr Brown that 4 houses would be adequate to meet the present demand, and if the need demanded more, 4 could be asked for later.
1950 Mar 27 The chief business of the evening appeared to be Housing, and the suggested site was on the right hand side of the road over the railway. Mr W. Markham, the District Councillor, explained that at present there was no site, and that it was up to the Parish. After a lengthy discussion Mr Markham suggested that he conveys a proposition from the meeting that the lower part of the field already mentioned would be suitable for building and that the present need of the Parish was 8 houses.
1950 May 24 No news seemed to be coming regarding new houses for the Parish, and the P. Council were somewhat alarmed at the delay in the housing programme, and it was thought well to make some inquiries.
1950 Nov 21 It appeared that the request for improvement in the water system to four of the Council Houses had not been carried out. The clerk was asked to send a second letter to the Chairman of the Housing Committee, asking for something to be done.
1949 May 06 The Wolverton Express 6 May 1949


Earthworks Should Be Preserved

Further inquiries are to be made for a housing site at Castlethorpe owing to a chosen site being in an area of an “…. Interesting example of a mount and bailey castle with presumably an outer earthwork covering the medieval village.” This information to Newport Pagnell Rural District Council came from the Ministry of Town and Country Planning, which statement added: “We consider that the earthwork south of the railway ought to be preserved.”

Although the Council architect suggested to the Area Planning Officer two alternatives to shorten the site so as to keep clear of the ancient earthworks, he was informed the building-line fixed is set so far back that it renders the site impracticable

1950 Nov 10 The Wolverton Express 10 November 1950



First of Four Sites to

Be Re-Considered

Because of agricultural reasons and highway objections the proposed two acres of land for erection of council houses at Castlethorpe has been refused.
This is the fourth site put up at Castlethorpe and at Wednesday’s meeting of Newport Pagnell Rural District Council it was decided to ask the Planning Authority to re-consider the first site, namely that in the field in which the mounds are, believed to be those where the ancient castle once stood.
Mr. W. Beesley, Hanslope, in raising the matter, said there had been no official objection from the agricultural side as regards the sires and they had not come before the Agricultural Executive Committee. It seemed utterly ridiculous to him to have gone for three sites which have been turned down. “I hope you will try and find an alternative site before the next meeting. Will Mr. Markham agree with me that the first site was the best?.
The chairman: The Ancient Monument site?.
Mr. Beesley: Yes.
Mr. Markham: The County Council maintains we must go back to a certain distance and then it interferes with the monument site.
Mr. R. Eakins: If they do not go back the full distance they would only have a smaller garden, which some would not mind.
Mr. Markham: It would be quite possible to build there.
The chairman: I can’t quite understand the Ancient Monument people: I think it would make a good playground for the kids. As we have tried so many sites we may reasonably say to the County Highways. “Will you consider the first site?”
Mr. E. Gurney: Surely Mr. Markham can find a suitable site.
Mr. Markham: There is only one area which can be developed where there is sewage and water.
Mr. K. Travis (architect) suggested and the Council agreed, that he ask the Planning authorities if they will re-consider the first site.
The Castlethorpe representative, Mr. W. D. Markham, was welcomed back to the Council following a period of ill-health. Col J. P. Wyners hoped that he was now “tough and well again.”