Other Parish Matters

Year Date
1915 Mar 15 Rates in connection with Cricket Club & School be refunded.
1915 Mar 15 Mr. Markham be charged 7/- for grazing sheep in the Recreation Field.
1915 Jul 13 Proposed that an application be sent to Aylesbury asking for a Polling Station at Castlethorpe to save the inconvenience of going to Stony Stratford at a County Council Election.
1915 Sep 21 Carried that Mr. Gobby be allowed to graze his horse in the Rec. field for 1/- a week.
1915 Sep 21 Carried that as a casual vacancy has arisen in the Office of Parish Councillor through the death of Mr. Whitbread this Council hereby elects Mr. W. Manning of Castlethorpe qualified by residence to fill the vacancy.
1916 Mar 27 The 4 trustees of the Lady Tyrell Charity be re-appointed.
1917 May 30 Circular from the Food Production Department asking the Council to form a Food Production Society was considered. Eventually it was proposed that the Clerk write the Board of agriculture asking if the Council had the legal right to purchase a spraying machine by money out of the Rates of the parish.
A letter be sent to Mr. P. Mann asking him to arrange an early date for a visit to Castlethorpe to give an address upon potato spraying.
1918 Feb 12 Trustees of M. Ann Worley Charity. Mr. Mapley, Mr. Marsh & Mrs. Markham be re-elected Trustees of the Mary Ann Worley Charity.
1918 Feb 12 A letter was read from a representative of The Food Production Dep. Upon the necessity of Potato Spraying and asking for assistance to arrange for a Lecture upon the subject.
1918 Feb 12 A cheque be signed to the Mqs. Of Lincolnshire for 1/- Rent for the Recreation ground.
1918 Jul 16 Potato spraying - a notice be posted about the end of May asking for those who wished to use the machine.
1919 Mar 15 A letter was received from the clerk of the Lady Tirrell Charity informing the Council that Mr. Cowley was now a co-opted Trustee and would they now appoint one to fill the vacancy.
1919 Jul 08 The clerk write to the Supt of Carriage Works for terms for use of North Western Line Brigade in case of fire and if satisfactory the chairman and clerk to enter into necessary agreement.
1919 Nov 24 Letter to be sent to District Council pointing out the inconvenience of registering Births and deaths owing to the distance between Castlethorpe and Olney.
1919 Nov 24 Celebration of Peace: The clerk read a letter from the Local Government Board sanctioning any reasonable expenses in so far as those expenses are charged in accounts subject to audit by District Auditors.
A public meeting be called for making arrangements for Peace Celebration.
1920 Mar 22 Proposed that an application be made to the County Council for a Polling Station to be fixed for Castlethorpe.
1921 Mar 22 Appointment of Trustees of Feofee Charity. That Mr S. Rainbow, Mr. J. Luing, Mr. W. Manning and Mr. J.H. Green be appointed trustees for the Feofee Charity.
1921 Mar 22 Proposed by Mr H.F. Dolling seconded by Mr C.H. Willison that the parish Council call a Public … with a view to opening a reading room.
1920 Jun 12 That the clerk write Messrs Carter Jonas & Son and if possible arrange an interview in reference to the following:
The future of the old School & Recreation ground also as to the ownership of the old chestnut trees with a view to getting the later handed over to the Council to enable them to widen the road and improve the entrance to the village.
1920 Aug 17 Feoffee Charity: Mr T. Rainbow, Mr J. Luing, Mr Willison & Mr J.H. Green be appointed trustees.
1920 Nov 16 Mr E. Richardson be appointed trustee on Feofee Charity in place of Mr. T. Rainbow.
1921 Feb 25 Appointment of Trustees for the Charity Mary Ann Worley. Mrs. Markham, Mr J. Marsh, Mr H. Mapley, be re-elected.
1921 Apr 18 The clerk write Mr Carter Jonas asking if the Council could renew the lease of recreation or could they take it on yearly tenancy.
1921 Jul 20 The clerk read a letter dated the 7th May from Messrs Carter Jonas & Sons stating that the trustees wish to sell Lot 19 formerly the Recreation ground and could not renew the lease.
The clerk to write to Messrs Carter Jonas as to price of the present recreation ground.
1921 Aug 10 That a notice board be erected at the bathing place requesting bathers to have proper attire subject to the consent of the occupier.
1921 Sep 20 That a public meeting to be called to discuss the question of recreation ground be had on Wednesday or Thursday the third week in Oct.
1922 May 04 The seats be taken from the former recreation ground and be erected at sites selected by the committee.
1923 May 07 A letter from the Postmaster, Stony Stratford re the affording of a half holiday to the postmen in the district (on Saturdays). Proposal agreed.
1923 Jun 11 That a protest against the suggested alterations in the dispatch of the evening letters, be sent to the Postmaster Stony Stratford, pointing out the inconvenience such alterations would entail upon the parishioners generally.
1923 Jun 28 The reply from the Postmaster, Stony Stratford, relating to the Council's protest against the alteration in the Postal Service was read and was not favourable. - Carried that we lay the facts of the case before Capt. Bowyer, with a request that he should approach the Post master General and press for a continuation of the former service.
1923 Jun 28 An offer of an invalid's chair as a gift to the parish by Mr Odell of Yardley was considered and accepted.
1923 Aug 15 Correspondence from Captain Bowyer, and the Postmaster General re the alteration in the Postal Service, stating that the Govt. were cutting down expenses, and so would not revert to the former service.
1923 Aug 15 Members went to examine the invalid's chair that Mr Odell had given to Parish, to see what repairs etc were to be done to same.
1924 Jan 28 Bill for repairing the invalid's chair £3. 13. 6. Notice put up re the loaning of the Invalid's Chair application for same to be made to Mr Whiting.
1924 Mar 03 Lady Tyrell's Charity - Mr Manning and Mr Luing be re-appointed and Mr Rawlinson and Mr Amos be appointed Trustees of the Lady Tyrell's Charity.
1924 Mar 25 Mr Marsh urged the need of a recreation ground and the chairman promised that the question should be considered at the next Council Meeting.
1924 Apr 14 The question of the Recreation Ground was considered and it was decided to let the matter stand over for the present.
1924 Jun 23 Hand Bier - A letter from the Choral Society, asking the Council to accept a Hand Bier just purchased.
A letter be sent to the Ministry of Health asking for a ruling re the housing and upkeep of same.It was decided that a letter be sent to Choral Society stating question was under consideration. It was also proposed that meeting stand adjourned, until a reply be received from the Ministry of Health.
1924 Jul 21 Hand Bier - A letter that had been received from the Ministry of Health in reply to the one that had been sent re the acceptance of the Hand Bier. After careful consideration of the reply the following was decided.
A letter be sent to the Choral Society stating that the Council regret their inability to accept and administer the hand bier as requested in their letter.
1924 Nov 11 Mr Rawlinson be appointed as Trustee for the Feofee Charity in place of Mr Richardson.
1925 Mar 16 Hand Bier - A suggestion was made by Mr Mapley that the Council call a public meeting in the near future re the housing of the Hand Bier.
1925 Apr 27 The Coral Society be asked to send a deputation to meet the Council on Friday May 1st at 7.30pm, with a view to co-operation with that society to provide a suitable building for the hand bier.
1925 Oct 20 Hand Bier - The Hand Bier & building be taken over by the Council.
The Royal Insurance Co. be requested to include the hand bier & building & two invalid chairs in the present policy held for the Carrington Hall.
Mr W. West be appointed as caretaker of the hand bier.
A charge of 2/- be made for the use of the hand bier & that the caretaker's remuneration be fixed at 1/- per quarter year & 6d extra on each occasion the bier is used. Applications for use to be made to the clerk.
1925 Oct 20 The clerk was instructed to communicate with the L.M.S. Rly Co. regarding the poor train service now available at Castlethorpe Station.
1926 Jan 26 The clerk was instructed to write to Mr H. Coker the Chief Fire officer of the Fire Brigade at Wolverton Works & ascertain whether there would be any doubt about the brigade turning out to a fire at Castlethorpe if requested.
1926 Mar 18 To Publicly thank the members of the Coral Society for their generous Gift to the Village of the hand bier.
1927 Feb 28 Feoffee Charity - It was considered necessary to appoint another trustee for this charity as Mr Amos has now left the district. Mr Frank Mills of Castlethorpe be approached regarding same.
1929 Dec 03 Busses - The Chairman agreed to see the Police in regard to the dangerous position of busses standing near the station bridge.
1930 Feb 25 Feoffee Trustee - Trustee Mr J. Luing resigned. Mr R. Panter should fill the vacancy.
1930 Mar 12 The Chairman asked the meeting to consider a New Method of House Refuse Collection, as suggested by the W.S.C. Mr Mapley proposed & Mr Dollings 2nd that the offer be accepted namely:- That the House Refuse be collected weekly & the Refuse Receptacles should be placed by the Householder as near the roadway as possible. 23 voted for none against.
1930 Aug 14 A circular was read from the Bucks Education Committee re- the formation of Local Library Centres & Branches. The matter was discussed. It was agreed that the Clerk should write to the County Librarian to arrange a meeting to explain the working of a library scheme to the parishioners.
1930 Oct 08 It was proposed that Miss Buxton and Mr E. Richardson act as Local Librarians.
1931 Jan 07 Train Petition - Railway re the Petition for a late up train which had received the support of the Council.
1931 Mar 07 The Chairman asked if there were any comments about the system now in use for collecting the house refuse. None being made the Chairman said he should consider it was satisfactory.
He reported that the Library was a decided success & over 100 members had enrolled.
Train Petition:- A petition for a late train by Mr Richardson supported by the Council to the L.M.S. was not granted.
Busses:- Mr Dollings asked if anything more had been done about the Workman's Busses stopping near the Station Bridge. The Chairman said under the New Motor Act of Jan 1st 1931 the Police would have power to fix a place or stand for them.
1931 Mar 31 Mr W.T. Panter be elected as a Feoffee Trustee in W. J. Rawlinson's place.The Chairman stated he would make enquiries from the Police about a stand or park for the workman's busses. He understands that the stands must now be provided under the new motor act.
1932 Jan 20 A letter was read from Mr W.T. Clarke drawing the attention of the Council that the Parish was without a resident Justice of the Peace, owing to T. Osborne J.P. having removed from the village and pointing out the inconvenience. He suggested that the Council would consider Mr J.E. Whiting as a suitable successor to Mr T. Osborne & submit the recommendation to the proper authority.
1932 Mar 14 Mr Worker wished to know the time the refuse bins were supposed to be put in the street. The Chairman replied, 7 o'clock a.m. was the time fixed.
1933 Dec 19 Worley Charity - A letter was read from Mrs E. Markham, tending her resignation from the Worley Charity, as trustee. The resignation was accepted and Mr W. Markham appointed to fill the vacancy. Mr Mapley to be duly informed.
1934 Apr 09 A letter was received from Mr R. Holt stating termination of Mr R. Panter as a Representative Trustee of the Feoffee Charity. It was proposed Mr J. Rainbow act as a Representative Trustee to said Charity.
1934 Jul 23 Fire Brigade - A letter was read regarding the Newport Pagnell Fire Brigade, suggesting that the whole of the Rural District come under this Brigade, the cost being a penny rate each half year, at present, but a probability of a reduction. Mr White proposed, that the clerk should enquire whether the said Brigade was governed by the Rural District Council or the Town Council, also stating that the parish was covered by the Wolverton Brigade.
Worley Charity - Mr W. Markham be re-appointed Trustee of the Worley Charity.
1934 Aug 20 A further letter was read concerning the Newport Pagnall fire brigade, and after consideration it was proposed that Mr Glanville be informed, that the Council were quite satisfied with the present services of the Wolverton Works Fire Brigade.
1934 Dec 03 Fire Brigade - After reading a further letter regarding the Fire brigade of Newport Pagnell, being at the service of the village of Castlethorpe, proposed this question be held over until the Annual Assembly.
1935 Mar 11 A letter was read by the chairman, from Newport Pagnell Fire Brigade, suggesting a scheme of including small villages, in a circuit, served by them in case of fire. This would incur an annual rate from the parish. The clerk produced several letters that had arisen from this particular question, and on assuming, that Wolverton Works Fire Brigade had never refused when called to several outbreaks that had occurred, it was proposed that the matter should be laid in the Table at present.
1935 Mar 11 Passing of an Old Councillor - The chairman moved a vote of thanks to Mr E. Richardson (District Councillor), on behalf of the Parish Council for the assistance he had given them in the past twelve months. Mr Richardson returned the thanks, but regretted the passing of an old parish Councillor, namely Mr D. Cowley.
Mr Holt expressed the value of this old Councillor's services and also moved a vote of thanks to the Rural Council, for the work they had carried out to their credit during the past twelve months. Mr Dolling seconded vote of thanks, also praising the prompt way in which the Council, tackled the water shortage problem, with the assistance of Mrs Markham, for whom thanks was given.
1935 Apr 26 Worley Charity - A letter was read from the Charity Commissioners notifying the Council, of the termination of office, of Mr W.T. Clarke as a Representative Trustee of the Feoffee Charity. Mr R. Garratt should be elected Trustee to the said Charity, as Representative of the Parish Council. This was carried.
1935 Jun 21 Swimming & Bathing Pool - The clerk was instructed to write to The playing Field's Association, asking them if any grant would be made towards the cost of providing a suitable dressing place, near the river, where most of the youths of the village bathed. The pool itself needed widening and as a number of females had taken to the bathing, it was felt that a proper shelter be provided, as the portion of river suitable, was very close to the main road.
1937 Aug 10 Graveyard Committee: A letter was read from the newly formed committee, know as the Graveyard Committee. This committee was aiming to keep the churchyard in order, after certain improvements. The committee wished the Parish Council to be represented, and asked for the names of two councillors who would help on this. It was agreed Mr. H. Cook and Mr. T. West should represent the Council.
1937 Sep 08 Playing Fields: A proposal of Recreation Ground for Castlethorpe. The Council were grateful to the Joint Planning Committee for this letter, but thought it advisable to obtain further details and information regarding the proposed playing field, before taking too strong an action in the matter. These details were such as to the cost, “What Grant would be available from the Playing Fields” also from Joint Planning Committee?, actual cost of Field, and term of years allowed for repayment of loan if incurred.
1937 Oct 05 In the event of the death of Mr. H. Mapley, a vacancy had occurred, as a Trustee to the Worley Charity. The Commission asked the Council to kindly fill that vacancy, also to re-appoint Mr. Marsh and Mr. Markham, as trustees, if these two gentlemen were willing to stand. Mr. West proposed Mr. Cook fill the vacancy.
1938 Apr 21 Air Raid Precautions. Mr. Richardson then placed before the Council several notes relating to Air Raid Precautions. Stating that the Rural District Council wished all parish Councils, to take the matter up, and form a body of responsible people, with first aid posts and shelters, in case of emergency. After some discussion a list of men, were drawn up, the chairman included. Mr. Richardson consented to assist the chairman in interviewing these men, with a view to them acting as wardens. This was agreed to.
1938 Nov 09 Foeffee Trustee. A letter was read from the clerk to the trustee of the Feoffee Charity, stating the resignation of Mr. W. D. Markham as Representative Trustee. It was resolved to nominate Mr. J. Gobbey to fill the vacancy.
1939 Jan 09 Recreation Ground Proposed: Mr. Long (Surveyors Assistant) put before the Council the necessity to reserve a plot of Land for recreation purposes expressing the wish for something definite that evening, in accordance with the North-East Bucks Joint Planning Committee. After some discussion the Council approved the proposed site be reserved, and with other such items as Burial Ground, Allotments, etc. agreement was reached. The Council passed a vote of thanks to the surveyor for his assistance.
1941 May 25 Clerk to the parish Council: On proposition of Mr. J. Cowley, seconded by Mr. T. West, the appointment was approved of Mrs. Winifred Furniss, as Clerk to the Council, in place of Mr. R. West, resigned, upon being called to join H.M. Forces. The Council wished it to be record that they desired to express appreciation of the painstaking service rendered by the late Clerk.
Accounts. £6.12.1, R. West, one year’s salary
The Parish Bier: After discussion of the need for making use of all available space at the Hall, after setting aside the small room for A.R.P. stores etc, the Council concluded that if agreement could be reached with the Parochial Church Council to permit housing of the Parish Bier at the Church the arrangement would be more satisfactory to all concerned.
1941 Jul 11 Letter respecting re-appointment of Messrs G. White and C. Harding as representative Trustees to the Feoffee Charity Committee.
Vacancy on the Council: Councillor G. Hall having recently joined H.M. Forces the Council approved invitation to Mr. G. White to fill the vacancy.
1941 Aug 14 Parish Bier: In view of the information received from the Churchwardens, stating that the structure attached to the Carrington Hall for housing the bier had been supplied by public subscription, for that purpose, Mr. T. West proposed and Mr. G. White seconded that no further steps be taken to find other accommodation for the housing of the Bier.
As Chief Warden, A.R.P., Mr. H. Cook undertook to seek other means of providing storage room for wood required for fuel for the Hall.
1941 Dec 10 Circular letter read from Colonel Wyness, making appeal for “Aid to Russia” Fund. In reply the Clerk produced official receipt for 328.11.0 sent recently from Castlethorpe to the Fund in question and stated that plans were in the making for further efforts.
Emergency Meetings: The Council recommended that the Clerk should continue to arrange emergency meetings, for the purpose of signing cheques when required and at such times as no other business need be laid before the Council. It was considered that War-time hours of work made such procedure a necessity.
1943 Jun 30 Wings for Victory Week: Total village effort of £2,585 invested in War Savings including a sum of £165 sent as free gift to the R.A.F. Benevolent Fund and another three guineas sent to Northampton General Hospital Fund. Both free gifts were the result proceeds of the Week’s social events held in the village.
1946 Feb 22 Return of Clerk: Councillors welcome back the Clerk, on his release from H.M. Forces, after an absence of five years.
1946 Mar 11 The War Years: Looking back over the war years Mr Cook records the splendid assistance given to the Council and Parish by Mrs Furniss who took the duties of Clerk at shot notice on the call up of R. West to H.M. Forces.
Mr Dolling supported these remarks and it was strongly agreed by the meeting.
Mr A. Burbidge, then proposed a vote of thanks to the Council for their splendid work in the past and service given in various ways during the war years. Mr Holt seconded the vote of thanks and also welcomed the Clerk back to civilian life again in the parish. All present supported and agreed.
1947 Jun 09 Ammo Shelters: It had been realised for some time past that these shelters should be removed, and as the clerk had gained very little help from the local Territorial Association, it was thought fit to approach Mr Ansell of the Home Guard, asking who actually was responsible for the shelters.
1947 Sep 29 Shelters: Regarding the ammo shelters the clerk was instructed to write Mr Hill for the necessary disposal form to be completed by the Council.
School Managers: A note had been received from the Council School Correspondent stating that Mr Markham had resigned from the position as School Manager owing to ill health. After consideration Mr Gobbey proposed, Mr Dolling seconed that Mr Brown act as School Manager. Mr Brown consented in accepting the office.
Hand Bier: The Clerk brought to the notice of the Council the small amount being charged for the use of the Hand Bier, allowing only the small sum of 6d to be paid to the caretaking fro cleaning, that was definitely insufficient. It was proposed Mr Brown seconded Mr Gobbey that the charge br increased to 3/- each hiring, and that 1/6 be paid to the Caretaker each time for cleaning.
1947 Oct 27 Owing to the inquiries being made regarding these shelters, the Clerk was instructed to write Mr Hill of the Lands Branch, Eastern Command, asking for the forms promised by him, giving the Council full power to dispose of the shelters.
1947 Dec 08 Ammo Shelters: As these two shelters were now in the hands of the Council, it was agreed a notice be posted on the Board and in the shop, offering the shelters for disposal, stating that the person who acquired them would be responsible for removal and clearing the base thus leaving the ground as before erection.
Library: After some discussion regarding the County Library in the village, it was realised they were still keeping war time hours for the handing in and drawing of books, thus denying most men folk the privilege of choosing a book for themselves. The clerk was instructed to write to the school managers asking for the hours to be between 5 till 7 p.m. each Tuesday evening.
1948 Jan 19 Ammo Shelters: Owing to the fact that no enquiries had come in regarding disposal, this subject was agreed to be laid on the table for the time being
1948 Jan 19 School Library: The Council had been informed that in future the School Library would be opened between the hours of 7 and 8 p.m. each Tuesday evening.
1949 Mar 28 Mrs Whiting then spoke on behalf of the Nursing Association. A house was needed for a resident nurse, and as this was not available Hanslope and Castlethorpe were very much put about. Mrs Whiting thought the Council could perhaps help by stressing the point to the Rural District Council. A house in Castlethorpe would prove beneficial being central for the district. The Chairman promised the Council would do all in their power.
1949 Sep 05 Mr Bywater spoke of the necessity of a conveyance in the village being available to the public in case of illness, etc. It was realised a licence would have to be obtained for any car owner in the parish willing to avail himself for this work and of course the question of petrol would have to be met owing to rationing. It was agreed the clerk write to Aylesbury asking if a licence could be granted, and an allowance of petrol.