Year Date
1915 Jan. 19 A defective point in the Footpath near the Old Malt House was considered and it was decided to leave the matter in the hands of the Chairman.
1919 Apr 15 Letter be sent to the Highways Committee asking them to appoint a deputation to meet the parish Council with a view to having the old chestnut trees removed and other improvements.
1919 Nov 24 The Council view the footpath past the Castlethorpe Mill with a view to having the necessary improvements near the ford.
1920 Mar 22 In the opinion of this meeting that it would be a great improvement to have the old chestnut trees removed and steps be taken to obtain the sanction of the Lady of the Manor.
1920 Feb 03 Re nuisance on foot bridge near Castlethorpe Station. That the Council would be prepared to provide a board if the L.N.W. Rly. Co. would give permission to erect same on foot bridge
1920 Mar 05 Letter from the L.N.W. Rly Co. stating they would be willing for the Parish Council to erect a Notice Board as to nuisance on footbridge No. 186 on condition that the Council under take to keep repair and make good any damage in fixing same.
The clerk write the L.N.W. Rly. Accepting condition as to their letter of January 7th. The clerk was instructed to arrange with Mr. A.G. Nichols to carry out the work of making and fixing Notice Board.
1920 Mar 05 The clerk write Mr Thomas County Surveyor as to reason for not completing the work of repairing the road near the old chestnut trees.
1920 Jul 12 That the clerk write Messrs Carter Jonas & Son and if possible arrange an interview in reference to the following:
As to the ownership of the old chestnut trees with a view to getting the later handed over to the Council to enable them to widen the road and improve the entrance to the village.
1920 Aug 20 The clerk write to the L.N.W. Rly Company drawing their attention to the entrance to goods yard
1921 Jul 20 The clerk write the L.N.W. Rly Co. again relative to the entrance to the good yard pointing out that it is impossible for motors to get in and out at the present time without going on the foot path, and suggest a meeting of their engineers with the Council. Mr Manning and Mr Green be appointed foot path committee
1921 Jul 20 The clerk write to Mr Thomas County Highways surveyor drawing his attention to the over hanging trees near the Haversham brook
1921 Aug 10 Letter read from the L.N.W. R. Co. relative to the goods yard entrance stating if the Council would like to carry out any improvements if they would send sketch of same would be considered.
The clerk write the Railway Co. stating they had no power to spend money on improving the entrance to good yard but are of the opinion that a great improvement would be double gates full width of Company's property set back about 3ft. would meet requirements.
1921 Sep 20 Letter dated Sept 2nd 1921 from the engineer of the London & North Western Railway Co. Stating that he was not prepared to advise the management of the railway Company to make any alteration to the entrance to goods yard.
The clerk write to the district surveyor relative to path down by the Old school also foot bridge.
1922 Sep 09 Letter sent to the County Surveyor drawing his attention to the broken drain near the Station
1923 Feb 26 Mr Gobbey be asked to get two loads of clinker for repairing defective path by the old malt house.
Motor Signs: Council appeal to the County Council Surveyor re the erection of two danger signals at two dangerous corners in the village.
1924 Jan 28 Defective paths in the village were considered. The path near the railway bridge be repaired.
1924 Sep 29 Necessary repairs done to defective path near Malting.
1924 Nov 11 Defective path in Chequers Close - Mr Gobbey objected to any ashes or clinker being placed on footpath in this field & it was therefore decided to abandon the idea.
1925 Sep 15 Approach path to No. 186 Rly Co's Bridge. Ascertain form the L.M.S. Railway Company whether or not this path was the property of and maintained by the company.
1926 Mar 18 The Chestnut Trees at the entrance to the village should be removed and the road widened & asked that the County Council be approached regarding same.
Mr Evans complained that on account of the road being widened opposite his house it has caused water after a heavy fall of rain to run over the path into the house & asked that the matter be referred to the Council.
1926 Apr 20 Clerk write to the County Surveyor asking him to arrange to discuss path on side of Main Rd (Station Rd) near Mr Evans house & the placing of a danger sign top end of village.
1926 Jul 13 State of Wolverton Road near Haversham Brook. Letter sent to the County Surveyor re the bad state of this road which is dangerous to cyclists.
Danger Sign - re the present position of this danger sign recently erected at the Council's request. Clerk to write to Mr Wingfield asking whether it would be possible to have the sign moved a little nearer the corner.
1927 Mar 15 Chestnut Trees - A suggestion was made that the Council obtain legal opinion regarding having the trees removed which are claimed as property of the Lady of the Manor.
1929 Mar 11 Mr Richardson once again introduced the subject of removing the old chestnut trees for the purpose of widening the road from the village towards the Hanslope and Station Roads.
1929 Apr 16 The cutting down of the Chestnut Trees and widening the Roadway as suggested by Mr Richardson at the Annual meeting was discussed. It was resolved no action should be taken
1929 Oct 23 A letter was read from Miss Gregory drawing the attention of the Council to the gateway of the L.M.S. Railway Co's goods yard which was too narrow and at a bad angle to the road, so that the large lorries & tractors of to-day would not turn easily and was a danger to her shop. The Clerk also reported that these vehicles were also badly damaging the curb stones. After a short discussion, it was agreed that the matter was for the Rural District Council to take up.
1929 Dec 03 Two letters read both complaining of the state of repair of the New Road, one from Mr J. H. Faulkner & the other from Mr W.T. Clarke. It was decided acknowledge and forward the letters to the Rural District Council.
1930 Mar 12 The Chairman reported the taking over of the New Road.
1931 Feb 05 The Chairman drew attention to several matters concerning the roads of the village and it was resolved to direct the Clerk to write to the Highways Committee requesting one of its members to fix a date to meet the Castlethorpe Councillors & a member of the Parish Council.
1931 Mar 09 Mr Dolling asked if tradesmen were in order bringing their goods in vehicles down New Road. The Chairman said certainly but owing to the narrowness of this road they must not prevent other vehicles passing up & down the road or probably they might be summoned for obstruction.
1931 Mar 11 County Council Visit: - The Chairman gave a report of the visit of the deputation from the County Council. The County Council were shown the Station gates & they saw how some heavy lorries had a difficulty in getting in & out of the Station Yard. Particulars were taken for suggestions to the L.M.S. Railway to remedy the fault. Bad parts of the side of the roads shown in Back Street & also the trees whose roots were a menace to the sewer. The condition of the New Road had partly repaired since the letter of complaint was sent & the C.C. promised to finish repairs as soon as a supply of tarmac was received in the village. This said the Chairmen had now been done & several paths put in better repair also. The weeded up gutters had also been cleaned on the west side of the Church. A culvert on the Wolverton Road which was blocked up was pointed out. The dangerous corners were reviewed & one the corner at the Castlethorpe & Bullington End Rd. was likely to be improved by pulling down a small barn & setting the hedge back on the opposite side, Mrs E. Markham having given the land on which the barn stood & Mr W.D. Markham the land opposite
1932 Mar 14 Mr Markham mentioned that the ground required for the improvement to goods Station entrance had been bought, there would also be a widening of the corner to the Bullington Road.
Mr J. Evans complained about the road water still running into his front garden. Mr Stones said a good curb was wanted along the front of all the houses. Mr Richardson said the water from the opposite side of the road because the drain there was blocked up. The Chairman said if Mr Evans would write to the Council the matter would be placed before the R.D.C. and County Council
1932 May 02 A letter be sent to the Divisional Surveyor Mr Orchard explaining the complaint received from residents in the Station Rd re water running off the road into their front gardens.
1933 Mar 13 Station Rd Water - Complaint lodged by Mr Evans at the last meeting and he asked if the work done was satisfactory. Mr Mills replied that there was certainly an improvement.
1934 Mar 05 Mr Mapley stated that he thought attention should be brought regarding the improvements & widening the Wolverton Road to Haversham Brook, saying that two vehicles had difficulty in passing. The Chairman agreed this was so, and that the District Council and Surveyor should be duly informed.
1934 Jun 11 Wolverton Road - Inform the road Surveyor & County Council of the dangerous width and state of this road towards the roundabout Haversham Brook.
1934 Aug 20 Wolverton Road - A letter was read from Mr G. Crouch concerning this road, and the complaint lodged by the Council at a previous meeting. The letter was considered very unfavourable. The County Council be informed of the dissatisfaction left with the Parish Council, of such an unfavourable reply.
1934 Oct 08 Foot Path - A letter be sent to Mr Crouch, Aylesbury, regarding the path in front of Council Houses.
1934 Oct 08 Wolverton Rd Widening - A further letter was read stating this matter could not be put before the Highways Committee again, at present, and in view of this Mr Clarke proposed enquiring when this road could be considered by the County Council and would it be included in next years estimate.
1935 Jan 31 Several points in the village that called for improvement namely Old Chestnut Trees to be cleared away & road widened. Corner improved leading up to Hanslope Lodge also corner against Mr J. Cowley's. Pretoria Terrace to be curbed, and road improvements opposite Mr W. Markham's. Extension of existing path down to Mr H. Cooks (Station Road).
1935 Mar 11 Wolverton Road Widening - All had been done in the Council's power to make the County Council see reason in improving this road, and after a good deal of correspondence, it had been of no avail. Chestnut Trees - Once again this old time question came up for discussion. Mr Richardson stated that he had seen The Squire and that this gentleman did not wish to enter this tree question, they were of no use to him and he would hand it over to the Parish Council. Mr Dolling then agreed of the dangerous state of these tress, and asked the Council to inform the County Council, holding them liable, and responsible for improvement. Mr W. Markham proposes that the County Council be asked to make a clean sweep of clearing trees and widening road, the Parish Council disclaiming the land.
Grass & ground opposite Maltin[g] Row - Some trouble was caused by a path being cut on this ground leading from the road to one of the houses, and informed the Council that the path was closed up again by the roadmen. Mr Harding queried who claimed the ground. Mr Richardson then moved that the Parish Council be asked to move in the matter, and get done what was possible for the benefit of the Row.
1935 Apr 26 The Clerk was instructed to write further to the Bucks County Council, explaining that they (the B.C.C) must clear the old trees away completely and then make the road. The Parish Council could not offer to do half the job.
1935 Jun 21 The suggestion that Pretoria Terrace should be curbed. The County Council had already thought it unnecessary, but it was decided that the Clerk write the County Council again, and as a complaint had been made from Maltin[g] Row also ask if this path could be included in all round improvement, stressing the necessity of curbing.
1935 Nov 29 Chestnut Trees - The clerk was then instructed to write a further letter to the County Council, referring to the Chestnut Trees. Stating the disclaiming of trees by Lord of Manor, and the permission to take steps for improvement.
A letter was read from the Bucks County Council asking for the trees on the North side of station to be lopped, as they were a danger to traffic and injuring the roadway. The Council decided to write to Whatton & Sons of Hartwell, asking for an estimate for the lopping of these trees, and also asking a quotation for the clearing of old Chestnut Trees.
1936 Feb 10 An estimate was then considered from E. Whatton & Sons. Timber Merchants, for the removal & uprooting of the decayed trees. The Chairman strongly moved that this work should be done if possible. For the sum of £14-10-0 it was resolved that the clerk inform Whatton of Hartwell to start work without delay. This was carried.
1936 Mar 16 Pretoria Terrace - Mr Dolling proposed that the council still go on trying to get improvement and a proper curbed path. The Chairman explained that the Council had done what they could, but would carry out Mr. Dolling's wish.
It was suggested that a curbed path be made from Mr J. Cowley's Cottage to the already existing path in front of Miss Compton's. The road did not allow a great deal of space for it, but a path, if only 2 feet wide, would be very much safer for parishioners, and the people living in the houses alongside.
1936 Apr 22 Kerbing of part of Wolverton Road. It was proposed that the County Council be asked to kerb a section of the Wolverton Road, from the Church Corner to the junction of road towards Wolverton. Chiefly where the road is narrow and the entrances of the row of houses adjoin it. The Council considered it would be very beneficial to all concerned.
1936 May 29 The clerk was ordered to write to the County Council thanking them for the improvement made to the road and footpath, following the felling of the old Chestnut Trees, by the parish Council. Also stating that this Council could see room for a little clearing up yet to be done.
1936 May 29 Kerbing. In reply to the County Council’s proposed footpath opposite Carrington Terrace, the Parish Council would not alter their decision, in asking for the path immediately in front of the Terrace, although they agreed a path would be appreciated.
Church Corner. The danger of this corner had long been known, and the Council decided to try and bring about some improvement, by approaching the County Council on the matter, a suggestion being that if possible part of the churchyard corner be taken off and the road cambered on the opposite side to suit the bend.
1936 Jul 17 Station Road drainage: It has come to the Council’s knowledge, that the surface water from Station Road was still causing annoyance to tenants at the bottom of this road. It was suggested that a letter be sent to the road surveyor asking him to come and look into this matter, with a view to improving same, suggesting he call on Mr. E. Richardson who would point out the source of the complaint.
1937 Mar 15 Mr. E. Richardson suggested that the Railway Bridge should be widened, as it was narrow and dangerous at present. He hoped the new Council would move in this matter.
In reply to this suggestion the meeting thought it better to have a footpath for pedestrians, over the Bridge. It was carried that the Council take this matter up, on taking office.
Pretoria Terrace: Mr. A. Dolling expressed further, the need for curbing of Pretoria Terrace, particularly as a safety factor.
1938 Jan 10 The parish recently adopting the Lighting & Watch Act, it was thought advisable to write to the Ministry with regard to the 30 mile speed limit in the village. The lamps erected in the streets hardly came within the regulations of imposing a speed limit, but on remembering the dangerous bends and fast moving vehicles down Station Road also the fatal accident that occurred some two years ago on this road, it was agreed that the clerk write to the ministry.
Road works being carried out in Wolverton Road c1937
1938 Mar 15 Mr. Dolling hoped that the Council would get on trying to get curbing along Pretoria Terrace.
1938 Nov 09 It was thought advisable to approach County Council as to the betterment of the Footpaths to the church. These being a short rise from the road to each entrance gate. It was agreed to ask for these paths to be tarmaced if possible.
1939 Mar 20 Footpath alongside Carrington Hall: This footpath was known to be an awarded path, and considered the responsibility of the County Council. It was the expressed of the parish council that this path should be improved and kept in good repair. The District Councillor had known this path had been in existence for over 60 years, and that it was the footpath from Cosgrove to Hanslope.
1939 Aug 25 Road Widening: After some discussion it was realised that there were several things, the Council would like to put before the Bucks County Council. These came as follows. It was decided to ask for the widening of the road in front of the Council Houses, as it was the Council’s opinion that this road was rather narrow for the amount of traffic on the road, and in view of the new houses being erected this would no doubt increase.
Pretoria Terrace Complaints: A number of complaints had been received by the Council, from residents in Pretoria Terrace to the effect that most road users, vans and cars, pulled up in front of the houses, with most of the vehicle on the path. The gutter being very low caused vehicles to tilt severely, and it was thought if the path be curbed this would prevent the habit of tradesman pulling on the path to keep the vehicle on an even keel. This curbing proposition had been put forward by the Council many times, and the sharp camber of the road, had always been a set back to this being accomplished. It was hoped that the County Council would consider the curbing proposal, even if the road was not interfered with.
Path alongside of Carrington Hall: It was thought fitting for the clerk to remind the County Council of the condition of this Public Footpath, some promise had been made for the re-conditioning but his had not been carried out.
Elm Trees on Corner under Improvement: Already improvement could be noticed and appreciated on this corner, also being much safer, and it was the expressed wish of the Council that the two Elm Trees still standing on the corner should be pulled down. This was agreed, and the clerk ordered to write the Council on these four subjects.
1946 Jun 17 A proposition was made by Mr Markham regarding the bend at the junction of Hanslope Park Road on to the Wolverton Road. It was of extreme danger to children and other pedestrians coming from the Hanslope Road, calling for the continuation of the pavement round the bend, and a Halt or Slow sign to traffic. On considering this proposition and other items it was proposed to ask Col. Byam Grounds to kindly meet the Council, at his convenience in the near future, to discuss these much needed improvements in the parish.
1946 Jul 01 Mr Markham then explained to Col. Byam Grounds of the need for immediate attention to the junction of the Hanslope Park road and the Wolverton road. The footpath needed extending round the bend in front of the cottages, also a slow or halt sign should be erected. Children’s lives were continuously endangered, and with the addition of four more houses, a good number of children were having to come over this danger spot several times a day, and powerful, fast moving military vehicles were to and fro most of the day.
A pavement and curb were needed in front of the New Houses, also the hedge needed cutting down. The road itself leading to Hanslope Lodge was very narrow and in a dangerous state. Materials had been lying on the grass verge, for some years, evidently with the intention of widening as there was not room for two vehicles to pass safely. It was hoped this work would soon be carried out.
1946 Sep 02 Mud on the Highway: A complaint had been lodged with the council as to the state of a part of the Wolverton Road, after carting had been carried out from a nearby field. Mr Markham stated that he had taken precautions to avoid mud falling on the highway, and on completing the work had sent a man to clean off the mud.
1947 Feb 24 The chairman then drew the councils attention to the fact that the roadman in the village, seemed to be taken away from parish work far too much, particularly in the recent bad weather. It was agreed to ask the Rural District to leave the roadman in and around the village, as there was plenty of work to be done in the parish, and it would be much fairer to the roadman and beneficial to those living in the village.
It was thought well to remind the Council of their promise to put a Footpath round the bend of the Hanslope road junction to the Wolverton Road. Pointing out that this work is most urgent.
1947 Mar 24 School Lane; It was agreed that an additional post be erected at the top of the Lane, and that Mr Dickins of Hanslope be asked to carry this out.
1947 Apr 16 Col: Byam Grounds accompanied the Council round the village, and urgently needing attention, was Pretoria Terrace, path and curbing extending to the entrance of New Road. Complaints had been made of vehicles parking close up to the front doors of these houses.
From there the corner near Mr Markham’s opposite Carrington Terrace was inspected. Farm implements and vehicles were being parked here, making the green look like ploughed land, also making the corner dangerous, by stopping the view from either direction, therefore spoiling the aim, of the wall being set back some years before.
1947 Sep 01 As nothing had yet been done, and it was known that material had arrived, the clerk was instructed to write Col. Byam Grounds asking him why the delay, as the Council wished to see these improvements materialize before the winter.
1947 Dec 08 Council House Path: Although the road widening in front of the Council Houses had been postponed indefinitely it was resolved to ask the Rural District Council, to make a path or pavement (as would have been carried out in case of the road widening) in front of the Houses, as at present the tenants were having to walk through mud and water before reaching or leaving their homes.
1948 Sep 29 The clerk presented a letter from the County Surveyor regarding the reinstating of public footpaths, ploughed up under defence regulations. A form had been prepared and it was agreed that the clerk ask the Divisional Surveyor to meet him with a view to completing the form and to point out two paths in particular, the one leading from Mr Whiting’s farm to Hanslope, and the one from Mr Markham’s to Lower Lodge.
1948 Dec 13 New Road: After discussing the present state of this road, it was decided to write to the County Council asking for something to be done, also stating the rough state of the School Lane, and the terrible mess of the Malting entrance. It was thought well to ask Col. Williams to meet the Council and view the roads in question, with a view of getting some improvement.
Path near Bridge Lower Lodge: The Clerk was instructed to contact Mr Mayes, and inform him, that by ploughing so close to the railway fence, he had taken particularly all the footpath leading to the bridge. Also it was the wish of the Council that this path be again made good in the near future.
1949 Mar 16 The Council still gravely concerned by the Malting Entrance and in view of the fact that nothing satisfactory had been obtained from Bucks County Council, the Council (Parish) wished to record the fact that they would hold no responsibility for any person or persons meeting with accident, thus causing injury, whom entering or leaving the Malting. The clerk was asked to communicate once more with the Divisional Surveyor, with a view to obtaining something definite before the Annual Parish Meeting.
1949 Mar 28 Railway Bridge: Mr Purser, brought to the notice of the meeting, the bad state of the road surface over the railway bridge, maintained by the railway. The surface was thought unsuitable for horses particularly in winter and in the hot weather a mass of running tar, being a great nuisance to pedestrians. The clerk was instructed to approach the Railway Company.
30 M.P.H. Signs: After some discussion it was resolved to ask the Ministry of Transport for a speed limit to be affected through the parish , the clerk being asked to communicate with the Ministry.
1949 Jul 04 Footpaths: Mr Limbrey brought to the notice of the Council the dangerous state of the Footpath or pavement in front of Station Road houses. The path had fallen away in places near the garden fencing and anyone walking near the garden fencing close to the fence could easily twist an ankle or cause an injury to oneself. It was agreed to approach the Rural District Council with hopes of getting this put right.
Paths leading to and bridges crossing the railway in the Parish were in a very neglected state, thus Mr Bywater suggested communicating with the secretary of B.R., at Euston, pointing out that some bridges were dangerous for children to use owing to the steel mesh being rusted and broken in parts. It was agreed to ask for these to be made safe and to be cleaned up and foot paths to be cleaned.
Roads: The Council were very concerned about the bottom half of New Road, from the railway bridge to the nurseries. The surface was very bad, being very unpleasant to pedestrians and really dangerous to cyclists. There was not even a small pavement. Remembering Col: Byam Grounds offer of assistance, the Council thought it best to ask him over to view the road with the Parish Council in hopes that something could be done, to improve the road.
This was agreed, although the Council were aware that the road was privately owned.
1949 Sep 05 A letter was presented from Mrs E. Nichols, secretary of the Branch of the W.I. asking if that body would be allowed to plant red chestnut trees on the green where old chestnuts a few years back had been felled and cleared away on being dangerous to the public through age. It was thought it would vastly improve the main entrance to the village and asked for the Council’s support. On discussing this it was considered a matter for the County Council and the clerk was asked to pass the letter on to the County Council.
New Road: After all the Council efforts it still seemed that improvements to this road was beyond their powers, and that it now rested between tenants and Mr W. Clarke.
Mr Bywater, living down this road was asked if he would approach tenants asking them to meet the Council at some future date, with a hope of getting something done, and at the same time explaining the Council’s position. Mr Bywater agreed.
1949 Nov 07 British Railways Reply: The Council agreed that the paths leading to the footbridge was their responsibility, but could not accept the cleaning and sweeping of the steps, as this had always been done by the railway.
School Lane: The surface in the School Lane was still rough and dangerous and although the Council had pressed for improvements nothing had yet been done.
The Council were not satisfied and still insisted the Lane needed tarmacing. The Chairman promised he would see the R.D.C. in an effort to bring about the improvements.
1950 Jan 30 Regarding the Footbridges over the railway the clerk read the reply from the Company. Mr Bywater pointed out that the bridges were owned by the Railways and that they did keep them clean, at one time. If the Railway still disputed the responsibility of keeping the bridges swept and clean, Mr Gobbey proposed writing to the R.D.C. to see what they could do, Mr Bywater supported the proposal.
1950 May 24 Members of the Council brought to notice the fact that a signpost was needed on the junction of Bullington End Road and the Wolverton Road. There always used to be a post here before they were removed under invasion precautions.
The post had never been re-erected after the war and the Council agreed to ask the County Council if the sign post could be replaced.
1950 Jul 03 School Signs: It was deemed necessary to ask for the erection of at least two School signs, to warn approaching traffic. This was agreed.
New Road: The clerk was instructed to write again to the County Council re the bottom of New Road, one of the Councillors, Mr Bywater had a copy of a letter which he had drafted, and it was agreed to send a copy to the County Council.
Also several complaints had been made about the vast amount of loose gravel on the roads through the village, making it very dangerous for cyclists and pedestrians, particularly round the bends. It was resolved to ask the County Council to remove the surplus gravel as soon as possible.
1950 Oct 09 Tree Planting: The Women’s Institute for sometime past intended planting May trees on the grass verge known as the Chestnuts.
Permission had been granted by the County Council and the Highways Committee, asking the Parish Council to accept liability for the trees, after planting.
The Council agreed to accept liability for the trees at such time as they were properly planted and protected.
New Road: It was realised by the Council that in spite of all their efforts to bring about a road improvement below the railway, nothing at present could be done, and for the time being would have to be shelved.
1950 Nov 21 It was known the W.I had consent to go ahead with their planting of the trees already agreed to. The chairman had been approached by the W.I., as to whether the Council would agree to erecting protection railings round the young trees.
It was realised by the Council, that this could be an expensive job, and in view of the heavy demand on a very small spending power, it was thought well to ask the Financial Officer if the Council were in order in spending money in this way. The Council were agreed in meeting members of the Women’s Institute