Telephone Kiosk
Year Date
1925 Mar 26 The District Manager of the Telephone Service be communicated with regarding the insufficient instrument installed in the Castlethorpe Post office.
1929 May23 The advisability of apply for the erecting of a Telephone Box or kiosk in the village and available at any time during the day and night. After some discussion Mr Panter proposed the clerk write for particulars and conditions of this matter.
1929 Aug 19 The clerk reported that the application for information had been sent to the Telephone Authority but as yet no definite reply had been received.
1930 Aug 14 It was agreed the Clerk should again write to the Telephone District Manager on the matter of information for the erection of Telephone Kiosks and failing to get a reply to write to the Postmaster General.
1931 Mar 09 In regard to the Telephone Kiosk the Chairman stated the Council had heard from the Authority after several applications & if a Kiosk were erected the Council would have to contribute the sum of £8 to £10 per annum, this the Council refused to do, but he thought in all probability a Kiosk would be placed outside the Post Office which would be available when the P.O. was closed.
1932 Mar 14 Mr H. Dollins asked if anything further had been heard about the Telephone Kiosk. The Chairman said no! but understood that the exchange was established for Hanslope that the Authority would probably put a Kiosk outside the Post Office, & when it was done the Council intended to approach the Authority again.
1932 May 02 Proposed the clerk write to the district Manager, Post office Telephones, Reading, with regard to the erection of a telephone kiosk in the village.
1932 Jun 07 A letter was read from the District Manager Reading, stating that the receipts of the Castlethorpe Call Office do not warrant the consideration of a Kiosk being provided. The Council decided to take the matter up further, as in their opinion this statement was most unsatisfactory.
1932 Sep 12 A letter was read from the Manager of Telephones Reading, stating that he couldn't see his way clear to erect a kiosk in the village.
1933 Mar 15 The chairman stated that the council had corresponded with the authorities with regard to the erection of a telephone kiosk but no further ground had been gained.
1945 Aug 11 Telephone Kiosk: The Clerk reported the substance of a telephone conversation with the manager of Telephones, Bedford, re the wish of villagers, expressed through the Council for the transfer of the Carrington Hall telephone - no longer required for Civil Defence purposes - to a kiosk to be erected in the front yard of the Carrington Hall. A letter in conformation of the telephone conversation was also produced and approved by the Council together with remaining and previous correspondence dealing with the matter. Councillors were fully aware of the difficulties of finding labour and materials for such work but would continue to press for the desired attention from the telephone authority as they agreed with the ratepayers of the Village that the present system of public telephone in the public room of the P.O. was most unsatisfactory to all concerned.
1946 Jul 29 Although erected some time ago, the kiosk was not yet complete, and the rain was beating in. It was agreed that a letter be sent to the Telephone Dept. Bedford, asking for work to be done.
1947 Jan 06 Damage of mischievous nature had recently been done to the Kiosk, by young lads in the village, including the destruction of directories. The offenders were definitely old enough to know better. The clerk was instructed to write to the Head Teacher, asking that the children be spoken to, while altogether in school, stating that any further damage would be put in the hands of the Police.
1947 Sep 01 Lighting the Kiosk: The telephone kiosk was till without a light, and for the benefit of all it was resolved to write to the G.P.O. asking for his to be lit, as soon as possible.It was hoped that this decision would prevent any further annoyance.
1948 Apr 26 It was agreed that the clerk again ask for the lighting up of the public call box. Also the position as regards cleaning, if an allowance was made for this.
1948 Jun 07 Complaints were coming to the Council regarding the non lighting of the Kiosk and the Clerk was asked to again approach the G.P.O. It was understood that the Kiosk was being cleaned now by the Post Office.
1950 May 24 The Chairman stated he thought it too bad of the G.P.O. not to have yet re-lighted the Kiosk, it was most inconvenient when phoning after dark. The clerk was instructed to write the G.P.O. asking once again for the Light to be reinstated.
1950 Sep 04 After all efforts to get the Telephone Kiosk lit up, this had not yet been done, the clerk was instructed to write again, warning the Post Office that the Council would report the matter to the Postmaster General, if the lighting apparatus was not installed in the very near future.
1950 Oct 09 The Telephone Kiosk was still without a light and many complaints had been lodged. The requests from the Council had been many, therefore it was decided to write to the Postmaster General asking for immediate attention.