The Wolverton Express October 7th 1949



At a well-attended meeting in the Carrington Hall, Castlethorpe on Monday last it was decided to form a fund and go in for a Parish Hall.
Mr. Mac Whirter, of Northampton, who addressed the meeting in the absence of Captain Miler, was most enlightening, and received a hearty welcome.
Mr. Dolling who presided, thanked the parishioners for the good attendance and the keenness shown and also thanked the speaker.

The Wolverton Express October 21st 1949


Castlethorpe residents are anxious to acquire a village hall, and the Women’s Institute has decided to give full co-operation in the effort to obtain one. Members of the Women’s Institute’s whist drive committee - Mesdames Harold Cook, J. May, F. Pateman, Robinson, A. Bavington, J. Bavington, and Mrs. Mothersole – attended a meeting on Tuesday last in the “Carrington Arms” by kind permission of Mrs. Trace, when a series of whist drives was arranged, the first to commence on Tuesday, 25th October, at 2.30 p.m. The “Buff Room” was generously offered by Mrs. Trace, and Mrs. J. Robinson has kindly undertaken the duties of treasurer, and Mrs. F. Pateman, M.C.

The Wolverton Express November 4th 1949


The members of the Women’s Institute Whist Drive Committee held a very successful whist drive in the Buff Room, “Carrington Arms”, on Tuesday afternoon – the first of a series. Prize-winners were: Men 1 Mrs. A. Bavington, 2 Mrs. J. Trace; women, 1 Mrs. J. Bavington, 2 Mrs. J. Robinson. Highest half, men Mrs. Morrey, women Mrs. Kettle. Mystery prize, Miss Wilson. Several prizes were returned and auctioned, helping to swell the funds.
A competition was run by Mrs. May, who also gave the prize, won by Mrs. Horn, Stony Stratford. Tea was given by Mrs. Trace and Mrs. Homer and Mrs. P. Chapman kindly acted as hostesses.
Thanks are due to everyone who I any way helped to make the whist drive such a success. Mrs. Pateman acted as M.C.