War Memorial

1918 Dec 17 Special Parish Meeting.
This meeting was called by the parish Council to see what steps should be taken to erect some permanent Memorial for the Parish. Mr. James Marsh Chairman of the Council occupied the chair. And a large number of Parishioners were present. The chairman in opening the meeting paid high tribute to our lads and the part they had took in Great War for freedom.
Pro. By Mr. G.C. Nichols Sec. by Mr. Willison. That we do have a memorial for the Parish and committee be formed for that purpose. (Carried).
Pro by Mr. G.C. Nichols Sec by Mr. G. White That the Council recommendation be accepted That invitations be sent to local bodies to appoint two from each of the following Church, Chapel, Boy Fund, Girls Committee, War Savings Association and Teacher staff with power to add (carried)
Suggestions for Committee.
Shalabier (sic) with tablet in Church and Chapel. A monument in the village with names inscribed. Tablet in Council School. To widen the road near the station and plant a row of trees with monument near the entrance of the village.
Pro. by Mr. E. Richardson Sec by Mr. J. Rawlinson. That the question of raising the money be left till the next meeting.
1919 Mar 15 That a meeting called on the 17 of Nov for the purpose of arranging the most fitting Memorial for the Parish and form a committee. The Clerk to have bill printed.
The Council recommended to the Parish meeting that two members of the local bodies namely, Church, Chapel, Boys Fund, Girls Committee, War Savings Association with the Parish Council form the Committee.
1921 Jan 31 Letter dated the 27 Jan from Mrs Watts relative to her claim on the Parish Pound and requesting the Council to stop the work till matter was settled by her solicitors.
Two telegrams were received from Mr. A.N. Nicholson and letter, giving formal notice to stop work and if the Council proceed with the work after this notice they will be held responsible for damages.
Resolved. That after hearing the correspondence that the Council approve of the action of the chairman and clerk in keeping on with work and also for informing Mr Jonas of same.
1921 Feb 25 Letter dated the 2nd Feb from Messers Lingards Sutton & Elliott & Co. stating they had much pleasure in consenting to the work in connection with the War Memorial proceeding.
1921 Apr 18 The clerk informed the Council that the Memorial erected in grateful recognition of the men who served in the Great War was now complete and that War memorial Committee had much pleasure in handing over to the Parish Council.
Pro. by Mr J. Marsh Sec by Mr C.H. Willison. That this Council take over the memorial and that the clerk write the Minister of Health to the up keep.
1922 May 14 That this council appoint a caretaker to keep the grass cut, and beds in order and we pay a salary of one pound per annum for his services.
That Mr W.T. Clarke & Mr T. Osborne be appointed on the committee to arrange the bedding and planting around the War Memorial.
1922 May 29 Mr Douglas Ward be appointed caretaker for the Memorial.
1923 Apr 16 Cheque for £1 be signed and paid to Mr D. Ward for his services during the year in keeping grass cut etc. round the War Memorial.
1923 Aug 15 The neglected condition of the grass and the paths near the War memorial and it was decided that a letter be sent to Mr D. Ward (the caretaker) calling his attention to same.
1925 Jun 09 The present caretaker be notified that his services will no longer be required for this purpose.
Mr J. Sprittles to be asked to undertake the work at a salary of One Pound per annum.
1925 Jul 06 Purchase of flowers & shrubs to plant round Cenotaph. The clerk communicate with the Ministry of Health to ascertain whether the Council would be in order in spending a small sum for this purpose.
1925 Aug 08 Purchase of flower for Cenotaph - The clerk read a letter he had received in reply to his communication to the Ministry of Health & it was decided to let the matter stand over to a future meeting.
1925 Sep 15 Mr Osborne intimated that he would be willing to purchase & would also supervise the planting of a few flowers & shrubs around the Cenotaph.
1926 Jun 22 The salary be increased by £1 per annum & payment be made retrospective since commencement of duties.
1926 Jul 26 Mr J. Cowley be appointed as caretaker to the cenotaph at a salary of 32 per annum commencing from July 13th Mr J. Sprittles resigned.
1927 Jan 11 A letter read from the British legion stating that in their opinion the Memorial required a little cleaning. Mr Osborne seconded by Mr Markham that Mr Gurney New Bradwell be asked to renovate same.
1928 Mar 12 Reply to the British legion to the effect that the Council had obtained expert advice re cleaning of the stone & that it was not considered necessary to clean same.
1928 Apr 30 War Memorial Committee - Mr Panter & Mr Cowley were chosen to act as War Memorial Committee. To supervise caretaker and the expenditure of Ten Shillings for flowering plants etc. for the year.
1928 Dec 10 The clerk reported that the missing letters had been replaced on the Memorial by Mr Gurney but no charge would be made.
1931 Aug 10 The Chairman drew the attention of the Council to the number of letters missing & loose in the names on the Memorial. It was agreed the Clerk should write & arrange with Mr Gurney to meet the Chairman in reference to having the letters replaced & fixed.
1933 Jul 25 Mr J. Cowley £2-0-0 caretaker of the War Memorial 1 years salary.
1935 Aug 09 £2-0-0 J. Cowley, caretaker of War Memorial 1 yrs salary.
1939 May 09 Trees near War Memorial: It was thought fitting that the clerk should write to Mr. F. Mills of the Church Council, pointing out the nature of the Lime Tree nearest Memorial, that the names and stonework were getting damaged, and asking if the council would take steps in getting the tree in question lopped or removed.
1944 Aug 11 Reports from the Clerk, concerning neglect of the Village War Memorial were received and discussed. In view of the statements of the present caretaker that his advanced years made it impossible for him to continue the work of maintaining an orderly condition of the ground surrounding the Memorial and that he was unable to prevent mischievous efforts of children to interfere with his work the Council resolved that a younger man - preferable an Ex- Service Man should he be asked to undertake the work and the clerk was advised to interview a nominee and, if successful, to submit to him for signature and agreement which would facilitate immediate resumption of the work to be done.
1945 Jan 03 Council had called a public meeting to discuss plans for the form of War Memorial which the village might wish to support. Councillors were of the opinion that such Memorial might take the form of repairs and additions to the Hall with structure built in the yard in front of the Hall to act as a Bus Shelter and to house a public telephone kiosk to which the telephone from the Hall could be transferred as it was no longer required for purposes of Civil Defence.
1945 Jun 01 Public Meeting: Some thirty ratepayers attended the meeting and Council considered that useful discussion ensued around the question of provision of a Village War Memorial.
General opinion appeared to favour the scheme as outlined by the Council in a pamphlet delivered to every house and used as a basis for discussion at this meeting. While those present were representative generally of the various village organisations it was generally agreed that the number present was not sufficiently large to justify the formation of any resolution expressing definite decision on the matter. Speakers suggested, also, that the village commitments to the Northampton Hospital War Memorial Scheme needed attention before any War Memorial Scheme could be started. Finally it was agreed to make no decision upon the matter but it call another Public meeting, upon a later date, when it might be possible for the Council to lay before the meeting estimates of the probable cost of the Council scheme and further details for getting the work in hand.
1947 Mar 24 £1-0-0 Mr J. Compton as caretaker of War Memorial and garden, half year ending 31.3.47
1949 Mar 16 The Clerk presented a letter from the local branch of The British Legion asking for consent or agreement to have an inscription added to the 1914-18 War Memorial thus incorporating those who lost their lives during the recent war. The Council were in full agreement but regretted they could not spend any public money to help with the cost.
1950 Jan 30 Caretaker War Memorial: In response to a vacancy put out by the Council re the War Memorial, one application was presented. On the Prop; of Mr Brown sec. Mr Gobbey, it was agreed Mr Burbidge be appointed caretaker of the War Memorial at a sum of £2 per annum.