Castlethorpe Choral Society c. 1937

Castlethorpe Choral Society c.1937
Back Row: Tom West, Arthur Cowley, unknown, Sid Pacey, Minnie Cook, Lillian Robinson, Charlie Harding, Aubrey Atkins, Mrs. Cook, Rev. Fenn (Curate), Daisy West, Sam West, Mr. Cook, unknown
Seated: Frank Atkins, Gertie Algar, Harold Cook, Marjorie Maltby, Mrs. Harding, Mrs. Cooper, Mrs. Maltby, Mrs. Atkins, Rene Maltby
Front Row: Mrs. Tom West, Nell Pittam, Ben Sawbridge, Doll Stanton, Gladys Stones, Frank Pacey, Laura Eunice Atkins, unknown

Northampton Mercury 19 March 1937


TWO PERFORMANCES of “San Marino,” a comic opera, were given by the Castlethorpe Church Musical Society to large audiences in the schools. The chief characters were taken by Messrs. Arthur Cowley, Aubrey and Frank Atkins, Harold Cook, Sam West, Mr and Mrs. C. W. Harding, Mrs. H. P. Cook, Miss M. Maltby, Miss L. Cooper, Mrs. Harold Cook, Miss D. Mills, Miss C. Waring, B Sawbridge and G. Alcock, who were supported by a chorus. Mr. H. P. Cook was conductor, and Miss G. Algar pianist. Mr. C. W. Harding made the secretarial arrangements