Castlethorpe Choral Society 1928

The Bucks Standard February 25th 1928





The Castlethorpe Choral Society gave their annual dramatic performances on Friday and Saturday evenings in the Council School. The performers are all local residents and considering the smallness of the village, the standard of excellence that was attained was truly remarkable. These amateurs, keen on their work and not a little talented, gave a charming interpretation of “The Bandolero,” a musical comedy of strong appeal. Where all did so well it would be invidious to mention any special performance. The principals all rose to the occasion – Juanita, a very winsome heroine, General Alvares, as a man of valour, El Caballero, as a worthy hero and El Capitan as a genial, yet awe-inspiring smuggler. We would also like to mention the performances of the groom Pepe, which, though small, was cleverly done, The chorus showed that they had been well trained, and their singing was tuneful and well-sustained. The dancing throughout was very good, although the smallness of the stage somewhat cramped the performers. The dancing song, in which Dolores and El Capitan took the leading part, was particularly pleasing. Among other songs which took our fancy were “There was a maiden,” Juanita’s “Tell me little bird,” the Smugglers’ sons, El Capitan’s “She’ll beat him,” and the Prayer song. While congratulating all who took part for their excellent work, we must especially congratulate Mr. H. H. Middleton for his onerous work in training the company, a work on which he had expended whole heartedly all his energy and skill; also for his work as accompanist, a part of the performance not always noticed or appreciated by the audiences.

The comedy, presented in three scenes, was admirably staged, and the characters were taken by the following:

Juanita (heroine) Miss W. Clarke
Pepita (her maid) Miss N. Maltby
Dolores (daughter of Gen. Alvarez) Mrs. J. Cowley
Dona Alvares (General's wife) Mrs. H. H. Middleton
General Alvares Mr. J. Rainbow
Manuel Alvares (El Caballero) Mr. J. Cowley
Vincente de Lara (his rival) Mr. A. Richardson
El Capitan (chief of smugglers) Mr. J. Nichols
Sergeant Mr. E. Bates
Detective (disguised as tourist) Mr. A. Burbidge
Pepe (groom in love with Pepita) Mr. H. Clarke
Don Estaban (innkeeper) Mr. W. Markham
Smugglers Messrs. B. Evans, C. Evans, A. Cowley, E. Green,
Policeman Messrs. A. Burbidge, F. Green,
Soldiers Messrs. A. Clarke, F. Clarke, G, Cowley,
Mateo (a peasant) Mrs. H. Rainbow
Villagers Mrs. H. Maltby, Mrs. J. Evans, Miss E. Marsh, Mrs. Ogden, Mrs. G. Cowley and Miss B. Panter
Girl friends of Dolores Misses C. Clarke, H. Rawlinson, C. Robinson, O. Mills, M. Maltby, B. Ratledge, A. Ratledge, and Mrs. Stimson
Messenger Miss G. Cowley

Mr. S. E. Penn, of Wolverton, officiated as maker-up, the seating arrangements were carried out by Messrs. J. Rawlinson, D. Cowley and J. Green; and programmes were sold by Miss R. Maltby and Master H. Davidge.

The presented the comedy at Hanslope last (Friday) evening and will give a repeat performance this (Saturday) evening. The proceeds will be in aid of Northampton Hospital.