Castlethorpe Choral Society 1929

The Bucks Standard January 19th 1929


Choral Society. On Friday and Saturday last the above society gave their annual concert in the Council schools. The piece chosen for this year’s production was “Cupid and the Ogre,” an opera in two acts by Stanley C. West, with music by Chastey Hector. The school on each evening was filled with an appreciative audience. Among those present were Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Whiting, Mrs. Markham, Mr. and Mrs. A. Markham, Mr. J. E. Gobbey, Mr. and Mrs. D. Cowley, Mr. A. E. Garrett, Mr. and Mrs. A. Masterman and Miss Compton. The cast of the play was as follows:

Earl of Humpanpip (known as the Ogre) Mr. A. E. Richardson
Captain Samasu (in love, with Violet) Mr. Cyril Evans
George Dunnamin (Earl's servant) Mr. Harry Clarke
Donald Doddletrot Mr. W. D. Markham
Ebenezer Taterpelin Mr. Arthur Cowley
Archie Dearmetutt Mr. Edwin Bates
Monica Dearmetutt Miss Marjorie Maltby
Effie Loughameigh Mrs. Rawlinson
Lady Emma Mrs. H. H. Middleton
Sir William Mr. John Rainbow
Violet Silverglade Miss Winifred Clarke
Gransfers Durnet and Blowit Mr. Fred Green & Bert Evans
Boating party Mrs. W. D. Markham, Miss Maltby, Mrs. John Cowley, Mrs. Maltby, Mrs. George Cowley, Mrs. Stimpson, Miss Panter, Miss O. Mills, Miss C. Robinson, Miss C. Clarke, Miss Amy Ratledge, Mr. E. Green and Mr. Fred Clarke

The characters were well chosen, and the performance all through was bright and entertaining. In it was found plenty of opportunity for Messrs. Harry Clarke and Edwin Bates to create roars of laughter. Miss Winfred Clarke made a great success of the part of Violet. Miss Betty Ratledge rendered her contralto part with great credit. Mr. A. E. Richardson found scope for musical and dramatic power in acting the part of the ogre. The parts of Sir William and Lady Emma Nottatoughm were safe with Mr. Rainbow and Mrs. Middleton. A very pretty part of the performance was the dancing of the gavotte by eight young ladies who looked charming in their old-world costumes and bonnets. Mr. Jesse Nichols did the work of stage manager. Mr. S. Penn, of Wolverton supplied the make-up and wigs, and Mr. H. H. Middleton provided the music by acting as pianist. The performance will be given again at Hanslope this (Saturday) evening when the proceeds will be given to Northampton Hospital.