Friday/ Saturday/ Sunday May 12th/13th/14th 1989

Annual Weekend Trip to the New Forest

We assembled at the H.Q. for a planned 3.45pm. start, but because of a mishap with the water container and electrical problems on the Mini Bus. Mr. Monk was to drive, we eventually hit the road at 4.10pm.

First stop was at Newbury to order and pick up 27 chips suppers which did not seem to cause the establishment any problems, well at least Baloo did not have to go behind the counter to assist. Having found a picnic site in a forest a few miles from Newbury, we soon devoured our suppers before venturing on to Salisbury and a short stop to view the cathedral.

Arriving at the Youth Hostel in Burley we were greeted by a charming if pensive relief Warden at 9.30pm. She was far more experienced than she made out because the whole top floor was left to our disposal. Having organised the sleeping arrangements, chosen from the breakfast menu and washed, the Cub Scouts retired for the night.

Rising early and due to Mr. Cox’s ordering system we all had the correct breakfast ordered the night before. Having efficiently washed up we organised ourselves for Saturday’s programme and started out at 9.15.am.

Wiverley Inclosure was the first stop where we enjoyed a delightful way marked walk amongst the trees, some of the party actually saw some deer before being frightened away. Arriving back at the car park we enjoyed an energetic game of Rounders on the heath land before travelling to Sandbanks for the ferry to Brownsea Island. Just as the ferry was being cast off the ticket man was seen running down the jetty carrying our water and orange, its not just caps Cub Scouts seem to leave behind. After landing on the Island we found a grassed open space to eat our packed lunches much to the delight of the peacocks and ducks.

We then set forth to explore the whole island including a beach walk, scout souvenirs at a Scout Shop on the Scout Camp Site and photographs around the Scout Memorial Stone.

We managed to catch the last ferry at 5.0pm. for Sandbanks for the return for Dinner at the Youth Hostel. The whole Party agreed that their visit to Brownsea Island had been a wonderful scouting experience in seeing the actual location of the first Scouting Camp in 1907 on a very pretty and interesting island.

Having washed and changed, we all did justice to the dinner. Tables cleared and dishes washed we then enjoyed a Beetle Drive and a Quiz between the Sixes where one round was based on things we has seen on our trip. The Cub Scouts then retired to their bunks after a fun packed day whilst the Leaders relaxed to prepare themselves for Sunday’s adventures.

Once again we managed to leave the Youth Hostel at 9.15am. thanks to the smooth organisation and despite Andrew Wilson’s apprentices on washing up, having to be trained. The two Mini Buses dropped the party off at Bucklers Hard for a ramble along the banks of the River Beaulieu, to Beaulieu itself. Baloo and Mr. Monk found us over half way along the trail by the noise of the lads. Reaching Beaulieu games were organised before the Packed Lunches were eaten with gusto.

We then travelled to Lepe Beach where a fairly empty part of the beach was found, much to the joy of the other families enjoying a peaceful afternoon. The Cub Scouts soon changed into swimwear, well most did, and entered the sea in the Solent. After a short swim and Baloo’s paddle, the Gold Arrow lads performed jokes for their arrow work. Soon after ice creams and souvenirs were purchased we reluctantly departed the New Forest for home.

Before reaching Newbury we stopped for an exploration of Beacon Hill. Having struggled up the Hill and watched the model aircraft, Baloo explained to the Cub Scouts the reason for the Ordnance Survey’s Triangular Stone. We then played a Wide Game based on stalking, last played by the Pack on the Wrekin in Shropshire in 1985. We arrived back at the H.Q. at 7.30pm. to the surprised and waiting Parents, surprised well we actually returned on time.

We had enjoyed a wonderful, adventurous and fun packed weekend thanks to the Group Council financial help and not least Mr, Monk’s and Mr. Cox’s assistance.

The Party
White Six E. Porter, S. Goodman, R. Thornton, P. Walker, N. Thorley, M. Redman
Yellow Six J. Harding, P. Brown, P. Woolley, C. Mitchell, C. Chinnery
Green Six C. Dillow, L. Ashton, A. Mitchell, P. McDonald
Blue Six A. Wilson, P. Redman, H. Cox, K. Hughes, G. Lock, M. Wilkinson
21 Cub Scouts
£20 Fee £36 Each in Total

Leaders: Akela, Baloo, Bagheera, Kaa, Mr. Monk and Mr. Cox

Akela C.S.L.

Written by Akela - (Robin Coles) - Cub Scout Leader