Thursday July 6th 1989

Pack Visit to Salcey Forest

Having collected subs and taken Grand Howl and inspection we departed for Salcey Forest at 6.15pm.

We were met by Andy Patmore the Forest Ranger at the new Car Parking area on the Quinton Road recently opened. Andy led the walk along one of the nature trails and on the route he identified trees and explained the origins of the Forest. He explained that the Forest contained Deciduous (Broad Leaves) and Coniferous Trees and each type produced different habitat on the ground. Many trees were identified by Andy including some details about each specimen, in fact every one of the 15 Cub Scouts were given a small piece of a tree, all being different. At each viewing point he stopped and gave the reasons for including such things as the Ridings, where most insect and bird life was encouraged and ponds, where water insects and plants flourished. During the walk he was asked many questions and from these a knowledge of the history and management of Salcey Forest was discovered.

Arriving back at the Car Park we all thanked Andy for a very enjoyable guided walk through our local Forest in which the whole party had learnt a great deal. We arrived back at the Headquarters at 8.0pm. for Grand Howl and home.

White Six Piers Walker, Mark Redman, Paul Mitchell, Gareth Reynolds
Yellow Six Kevin Hughes, Craig Chinnery, Benjamin Pearce, Paul Mitchell the 2nd
Green Six Thomas Ayles, Paul McDonald, Michael Woolley
Blue Six Howard Cox, Edward Nicholson, Mathew Martin, Oliver Davies
15 Cub Scouts
Some of the Pack were on a School Trip

Leaders: Akela, Baloo and Bagheera with Mr. Lock

Akela C.S.L.

Written by Akela - (Robin Coles) - Cub Scout Leader