Saturday July 9th 1989

Cub Fun Day at the Quarries Camp Site, Cosgrove

The Fun Days were organised for Saturday and/or Sunday but we had decided to take part on the Saturday because of the Camp Fire which we felt made a better day out.

We assembled at the Headquarters for 11.30am. so that we could arrive at the Quarries for a 12 noon start. Having arrived, the Pack helped the Leaders set up our base for Face Painting on the Camp Site 1. Having completed the task we sat down to eat our packed lunches on a warm but overcast day.

Face Painting was a new skill for the 1st Hanslope Leaders and having discovered the ingredients at the Gilwell Park Cub Day a few weeks previously, we used our lads for learning the art. Reasonable success was achieved but as the afternoon progressed we became more adventurous and the Flag of St. George, the American Flag and the Union Flag appeared on other unsuspecting visiting Cub Scouts.

The Pack then dispersed to enjoy the other activity bases around the site which included, Army Assault Course, Football Dribbling, Welly Throwing, Tug of War, Blind Man’s Trail, Bubble Blowing and Egg Hunting. The Royal Navy and the Fire Service also had static displays on offer. During the afternoon a Royal Commando taught our pack how to make a bivouac out of a plastic sheet and string. Our lads were very impressed, as the marine had actually slept under such a construction many times in the course of his training.

In the late afternoon the 1st Hanslope Leaders organised a Wide Game for the Pack called Rocket. Great fun was had as the Cub Scouts tried to convey their pieces of rocket to the Launch Pad before being tagged by the Guards.

The Fun Day concluded with a very enjoyable Camp Fire with all the visiting Cub Scouts, Leaders and Parents singing well known Camp Fire Songs led by the ADC for Cub Scouts from the MK South District.

We returned to the Headquarters at 6.30pm. after a very enjoyable day out at the Quarries Fun Day.

White Six Stuart Goodman, Nigel Thorley, Mark Redman, Gareth Reynolds
Yellow Six Kevin Hughes, Philip Woolley, Craig Chinnery, Benjamin Pearce, Paul Mitchell the 2nd
Green Six Richard Thornton, Gregory Lock, Paul McDonald, Peter Smith, Michael Woolley
Blue Six Paul Redman, Howard Cox, Mathew Wilkinson, Edward Nicholson, Mathew Martin, Oliver Davies
£1 Charge 20 Cub Scouts

Leaders: Akela, Baloo, and Kaa

Akela C.S.L.

Written by Akela - (Robin Coles) - Cub Scout Leader