Saturday Oct 7th 1989

Swimming at Bletchley Leon School

We assembled at the Head Quarters at 10.0am for the trip to Leon School Bletchley. The swimming pool facilities at Leon School were available to Scout members from within the MK North and South Districts for a small charge of 50p each and so the Pack had organised the trip to take advantage of the opportunity.

Having arrived at the School, minus Akela who had overslept, the Cub Scouts changed and were organised by Bagheera into two separate groups. One group was to try and gain their First Stage in the Swimming Proficiency Badge whilst the second group was to enjoy the pools facilities.

When at last Akela emerged from the changing room to join the party, the Badge group set forth on their tests organised by Akela, Mr. Redman and Mr. Walker. Bagheera and Mr. McDonald supervised the fun swimmers who were encouraged to gain water confidence.

Badge work completed and exploits on the spring board for the swimmers, we retired from the pool for the more serious activities of trying to dry our bodies, find all our clothes and put the items of clothing on the right parts of our bodies.

We returned to the Headquarters at 12.45pm having enjoyed a splendid morning swimming and contented in the knowledge that 12 Cub Scouts had successfully gained their 1st Stage Swimming Badge.

White Six S. Goodman, P.Walker*, M. Redman*, P.Mitchell, G. Reynolds
Yellow Six K. Hughes, P. Woolley*, C. Chinnery, B. Pearce, P. Mitchell the 2nd
Green Six R. Thornton*, T. Ayles*, G. Lock*, P. McDonald*, M. Woolley*
Blue Six P. Redman*, Howard Cox*, Mathew Wilkinson*, E. Nicholson*
19 Cub Scouts
*Gained Badge 12 Cub Scouts

Leaders: Akela and Bagheera with assistance from Mr. Redman, Mr. Walker, Mr. McDonald and Mr. Cox

Akela C.S.L.

Written by Akela - (Robin Coles) - Cub Scout Leader