Sunday Oct 15th 1989

at the Quarries Camp Site Cosgrove

We assembled at 1.0pm at the Headquarters to collect equipment before making our way to the Quarries. The event was the second such activity organised by the District for all Cub Scouts over 9½ years of age, to give them a taste of Troop Life as a Scout.

Our lads helped the Leaders transport the equipment to Camp Site 9 before reporting to the ADC for registering. Paul Swannell ADC then organised the Cub Scouts into 4 mixed teams to visit the 4 Bases. The number of Cub Scouts and Bases were disappointing, as in 1988 the first time such an event had been organised, there were 8 Bases and 70 <<< Cub Scouts attending and it was hoped that such a rewarding event would enlarge, not shrink.

On a sunny October afternoon the event began with each team spending half an hour at each of the Bases to enjoy and experience the Scouting Skills on offer. 1st Hanslope organised Problem Solving with Mapping and Compass Work, Simple Gadgets and Track Trail the other bases. At the end of the second team’s visit, the Cub Scouts enjoyed soup and bread before completing the other bases.

The ADC closed the Event thanking all the Leaders for their efforts, although disappointed at the turn out, he was sure the 33 Cub Scouts who had participated had enjoyed an excellent afternoon.

1st Hanslope decided that as the Event had finished early we would organise a Wide Game called Moving Animals. After a good wide game around the Site, we packed the equipment and returned home for 5.30pm.

White Six Stuart Goodman, Piers Walker
Yellow Six Philip Brown, Thomas Ayles
Green Six Richard Thornton, Thomas Ayles
Blue Six Howard Cox, Mathew Wilkinson
8 Cub Scouts
Out of 12 Qualified

Leaders: Akela, Baloo, Bagheera and Kaa

Akela C.S.L.

Written by Akela - (Robin Coles) - Cub Scout Leader