Sat/Sun Dec 2nd/3rd 1989

Pack Weekend at the Quarries Camp Site, Cosgrove

We all assembled at the Headquarters to organise the transport of equipment and the party at 1.0pm. With help from Parents transport we arrived outside the Milton Keynes Scout Centre to find the doors locked. It eventually came to light that Mrs. Brant’s (Warden) car had unfortunately broken down and so she had to cycle to the Camp Site to unlock the doors.

Undeterred by this problem we organised a Wide Game called ‘Radioactive Trail’ where each Six had to find unusual objects growing on trees, caused by space visitors to our planet being radioactive. We all returned to the unlocked Centre to organise the rooms for our weekend stay.

When the task had been completed the Pack enjoyed a Wide Game called ‘Navy’, Scavenger Hunt and another Wide Game ‘Siege at the Fort’. The Party returned to the Centre to enjoy a bountiful tea after the energy sapping afternoon activities. We all changed into our indoor wear whilst White Six completed their Tea duties.

Five games of Bingo then ensued, followed by a quiet time whilst Baloo and Kaa travelled to Stony Stratford to fetch our supper. After an excellent Fish and Chip Supper, during which Skip and his wife made a visit, we had a Beatle Drive but only after Yellow Six had completed their tasks.

The Cub Scouts then washed and changed for the night and retired for a good nights sleep at 9.0am., well the Leaders thought so after a very active day but unfortunately some of the Pack had forgotten their sleeping pills and silence only came after midnight.

The Leaders decided to partake of Breakfast before the Pack arose for Sunday’s excitement. After a hearty Breakfast and Green six had cleared away we prepared ourselves for a morning Ramble. The Ramble took place on a cold but dry morning following a route along the Buckingham Arm Canal, Cosgrove Locks, Grand Union Canal, River Ouse, Old Stratford and return to the Quarries at 12.30pm. Many interesting things were observed by the Party on the route and after a strenuous walk were eagerly awaiting Lunch.

Thanks to Mrs. Ayles cooking the Potatoes in their Jackets whilst we were on the Ramble we were not disappointed and the food soon vanished.

When Blue Six had finished their duties and we had partly sorted the Centre out for a departure later we enjoyed a quiet time. Thus Compass drawings were undertaken, surprise, surprise, not a sound could be heard and concluded by a game of forfeits which produced many laughs.

We then ventured outside to enjoy an ‘Animal Trail’ and a Wide Game called ‘Moving Animals’. The weekend was drawing to an end so we returned to the Centre to conclude with an inter Six Quiz during which the Parents who had kindly offered to transport the party home, arrived. The Centre left clean and tidy we returned to the Headquarters at 4.30pm.

We had all enjoyed an action packed weekend with lots of good wholesome food, laughs, and shared many moments of pleasure with our friends from the Pack.

Sat TEA Jam Sandwiches - Biscuits - Tea
Sat SUPPER Fish & Chips - Bread & Butter - Orange Squash
Sun BREAKFAST Cornflakes - Sausages/Beans/Fried Bread - Bread & Jam - Tea
Sun LUNCH Jacket Potatoes/Cheese - Orange or Apple - Orange Squash

The Party
White Six S. Goodman, P Walker, M. Redman, P. Mitchell, G. Renolds, G. Porter
Yellow Six P. Brown K. Hughes, P. Mitchell the 2nd , G. Bugg
Green Six R. Thornton, T. Ayles, G. Lock, P. McDonald, M. Woolley
Blue Six P. Redman, H. Cox, M. Wilkinson, N. Nicholson, O. Davies, R. Jones
21 Cub Scouts
£5.0 Fee per Cub scout
Budget - Broke Even
(C. Chinnery Yellow Six Ill on Sat) COULD NOT ATTEND

Leaders: Akela, Baloo, Bagheera & Kaa

Akela C.S.L.

Written by Akela - (Robin Coles) - Cub Scout Leader