Monday Jan 22nd 1990



The team met at Akela’s at 7.0pm. for our journey to Stantonbury Middle School to play our first round tie against Stantonwood ‘Eagles’.

Our team confidently began the game forging ahead in the first 5 Rounds of Scouting – Sport – Wild Life- General Knowledge – First Aid, to gain a 28 points to 9 margin. The last round on Entertainment was academic as the ‘Eagles’ were too far behind our team to win.

We returned home after a sound win but thinking the Quarter Finals will present a much harder challenge especially as we would be away again, but we were all pleased with the final score of 34 – 11. Winning ALL ROUNDS.


Mark Redman (W) UNDER 9½ yrs 7pts Qualifying date 31st March 1990
Benjamin Pearce (Y) 8pts
Edward Nicholson (B) UNDER 10½ yrs 10pts
Piers Walker (W) captain 9pts

Kaa SCORER, accompanied by Akela

Akela C.S.L.

Thursday Feb 22nd 1990


The team left the Special Pack Meeting on Baden Powell to travel with Akela to Newport Pagnell at 6.40pm. We arrived at Middleton Centre, Silver Street to play against 4th Newport Pagnell Invincible Pack.

The team took the lead after two rounds but Invincibles won the next 3. Although we won the last round at the end of the 6 rounds, Invincibles were the winners by 23 to 17 points. Both teams competed well but the Quiz was not helped by the Question Master (GSL from NP 3rd) not really mastering the technique when dealing with Cub Scouts. Akela had to advise a number of times during the contest without seeming to cause too many rifts.

We congratulated the victors and consoled ourselves with a bag of chips each before returning home, defeated but not down hearted.


Mark Redman (W) UNDER 9½ yrs 4pts Qualifying date 31st March 1990
Benjamin Pearce (Y) 4pts
Edward Nicholson (B) UNDER 10½ yrs 2pts
Piers Walker (W) captain 7pts

Time Keeper: Akela

Akela C.S.L.

Written by Akela - (Robin Coles) - Cub Scout Leader