Saturday Jan 27th 1990

Swimming Trip to Stantonbury Leisure Centre

We assembled at 9.30am. at the Headquarters for the trip to Stantonbury Leisure Centre, our original plans were to use the facilities at Leon School, Bletchley, but owing to the high winds on the Thursday, roof damage over the pool, prevented its use.

The party quickly changed and were organised in 3 groups of swimmers, non swimmers and the Cub Scouts who were attempting their Swimming 1st Stage Proficiency Badge. Mr. McDonald supervised the Swimmers. Bagheera the non swimmers and Mr. Walker and Akela the Badge tests.

Badge work completed, a Relay competition was organised between two teams. Lots of fun ensued but after two races it was decided to curtail the activities so as not to interfere with the other swimmers in the pool.

Leaving the pool we then involved ourselves in successfully dressing ourselves with the same clothes that we arrived in.

We returned to the Headquarters at 12.0am. having enjoyed a morning’s swimming with the added bonus of three lads gaining their Badge.

White Six S. Goodman, P Walker, M. Redman, P. Mitchell, G. Reynolds
Yellow Six P. Brown*, K. Hughes, C. Chinnery*, P. Mitchell the 2nd , G. Bugg*
Green Six T. Ayles, G. Lock, P. McDonald, M. Woolley
Blue Six P. Redman, H. Cox, M. Wilkinson, N. Nicholson, R. Jones
19 Cub Scouts
* Gained Badge 3 Cub Scouts

Leaders: Akela and Bagheera with assistance from Mr. McDonald and Mr. Walker

Akela C.S.L.

Written by Akela - (Robin Coles) - Cub Scout Leader