Saturday March 3rd 1990

Milton Keynes North District Cub Scout Cross Country

Campbell Park

We assembled at the Headquarters at 8.45am. to organise ourselves and discuss tactics for the competition. We then travelled to a new venue for the annual district event namely Campbell Park in Central Milton Keynes.

Before we entered the names of the Cub Scouts in each of our teams to the organiser, Paul Swannell ADC, we discussed the make up of the two teams with our runners and the decision was made to enter 7 runners in Team A and 6 runners in Team B so that the B Team could qualify for a placing if all their team members completed the course.

The race started at 10.10.am. on a cold and windy day with the competitors following a ‘Hare’. The field soon strung themselves out over the grassy undulating course and about halfway problems were avoided when the ADC took over the front running when the ‘Hare’ had to drop out through exhaustion.

After the last of the runners had completed the course, scores recorded and placings calculated the ADC announced the placings in reverse order. The final placings gave 1st Olney with 126 points the Shield for the second year running followed by 4th Newport Pagnell 139 pts 2nd, 5th Newport Pagnell 150 pts 3rd, Stony Stratford 168 pts 4th and 1st Hanslope 173 pts 5th place. Our B Team came 13th which was the last position but the Leaders were very pleased with this effort as our Pack was the only one who had entered two teams and all 13 of our lads completed the course after giving their all in their efforts to win the shield.

We all retuned to Hanslope in good spirits after all our runners had enjoyed the event and certainly done their best.

Team A 173 points
Philip Brown 3rd Yellow Six
Howard Cox 10th Blue Six
Edward Nicholson 28th Blue Six
Peter Smith 37th Green Six
Gareth Reynolds 43rd White Six
Paul McDonald 52nd Green Six
Oliver Davies 64th Blue Six

Team B 469 points
Mathew Wilkinson 67th Blue Six
Mark Redman 69th White Six
Thomas Ayles 77th Green Six
Paul Mitchell the 2nd 81st Yellow Six
Stuart Goodman 85th White Six
Russell Jones 90th Blue Six

Leaders: Akela, Bagheera and Kaa with Parents

Akela C.S.L.

Written by Akela - (Robin Coles) - Cub Scout Leader