Sunday April 8th 1990

Hanslope Cub Scouts v Bagheera’s All Stars

Both teams assembled and prepared themselves for the struggle on a sunny if chilly afternoon.

The All Stars were soon swarming around the Pack’s goal and it was no surprise when two quick goals were scored by the All Stars. The Pack then began to play together as a team and owing to disarray in the All Stars defence and the continuing pressure by the Cub Scouts the half time whistle came with the score 4 goals to 2 in favour of the Pack.

Bagheera made changes to the All Stars line up at half time and together with some sophisticated football the scores were level. The match then became an end to end struggle as each side tried desperately to seek the winning goal. Despite Akela being spoken to by the referee on numerous occasions and Skip being sent off the match remained even. Towards the final whistle P.C. Shaw came into the field and arrested the Group Chairman Mr. Cox, having handcuffed him and marched him off the field the Pack thought things were going their way with the loss of the All Stars goalkeeper. Bagheera soon reorganised his team however by bringing Mr. McDonald on as substitute goalkeeper and with this key position filled the All Stars stormed to the other end of the field to score the winning goal to seal the epic struggle by winning 9 goals to 8.

The referee Mr. R. Johnson had kindly donated a shield for the match and thus the victorious captain of the All Stars received the trophy for the first time in 5 annual fixtures against the Pack. A trophy was presented to each team’s best player, as chosen by the referee, thus Russell Jones and Mr. Redman both proudly received their awards.

Both teams officials and supporters then retired to the Headquarters to enjoy light refreshments, kindly organised by the Group Council. Everyone whether playing, helping or supporting had enjoyed a wonderful afternoon of fun and the Pack were soon discussing their plans to retrieve the trophy next season.

The Pack Team
White Six P Walker (captain), M. Redman, P. Mitchell, G. Reynolds
Yellow Six P. Mitchell the 2nd , D. Lynch (NOT INVESTED)
Green Six R. Thornton, E. Nicholson, P. McDonald, Peter Smith, T. Daniels
Blue Six H. Cox, M. Wilkinson, O. Davies, R. Jones, C. Gray and P. Redman, S. Goodman, P. Brown SCOUTS recently transferred to Troop
16 Cub Scouts

Bagheera's All Stars
First Half Mr. Cox (goalkeeper), Bagheera, Akela, Mr. Mitchell, Mrs. Redman, Mrs. Brown, Mr. McDonald, K. Raley (Skip) Mr. Jones, Mr. Walker, Kaa, Mr. Nicholson, Mr. Smith and Mrs. Davies friend
Second Half Mr. Cox (goalkeeper), Bagheera, Akela, Mr. Wilkinson, Mrs. Jones, Mr. Redman, Mrs. Mitchell, Mr. Stanton, Mrs. Davies, Mr. Goodman
Referee: Mr. R. Johnson
Conditions: Dry underfoot and sunny with a chilly breeze

Akela C.S.L.

Written by Akela - (Robin Coles) - Cub Scout Leader