Sunday March 5th 1989

Pack Ramble in Brickhill Woods

We assembled at the Headquarters at 9.0am to arrange transport and collect items for the expedition.

Having parked the cars near Great Brickhill Church we set forth on our Ramble towards Little Brickhill on a warm, sunny winter morning. Although the ground was very wet and muddy in some places the woods were very quiet and still. A large dog appeared on the footpath but Baloo soon politely asked the owner to hold the dog whilst the Party bypassed the problem. Our experience on the Dover Trip in 1987 came to mind and as Graham was in the party Baloo must have thought ‘better safe than sorry’ was the order of the day.

We came to a suitable area for a Wide Game to be played. Once the rules of the game were explained and White/Yellow and Blue/Green teams were in position the game commenced. Battle raged but White /Yellow team seemed content to defend and not attack their opponent’s rope. So the outcome was only a matter of time, thus Blue/Green were victorious. The walk continued with frequent reference to the map until we came upon a splendid place for a game of Rounders, no matter it was a golf course as the tradition for 1st Hanslope to play Rounders in the unlikeliest places is renowned. The usual standard of Rounders was shown and only one rounder was scored by Blue/Green. It was left to the Leaders and Mr. Harding to demonstrate the correct way to play the game.

Continuing our walk past horses and golfers we reached the parked cars for water and the homeward journey. Reaching Little Brickhill we discovered that Kaa was missing, whilst the rest remained in the village Akela retraced our Journey but no sign of Kaa. We of course arrived back at the Headquarters at 1.10pm. to find guess who was waiting.

We had experienced a splendid ramble with lots of fun on our ramble in Brickhill Woods.

White Six Simon Barfoot, Stuart Goodman, Richard Thornton, Piers Walker
Yellow Six Justin Harding, Christopher Mitchell, Philip Woolley, Craig Chinnery, Benjamin Pearce
Green Six Graham Hill, Lee Ashton, Andrew Mitchell, Philip Brown, Paul Redman, Thomas Ayles
Blue Six Andrew Cross, Howard Cox, Kevin Hughes, Gregory Lock
19 Cub Scouts

Leaders: Akela, Baloo, Bagheera, Kaa also Mr. Harding

Akela C.S.L

Written by Akela - (Robin Coles) - Cub Scout Leader