Friday/Sat/Sun May 4/5/6th 1990

District Camp at Phasells Wood, Kings Langley

The Pack Leaders with agreement with the Scout Leader decided to invite the older Cub Scouts to attend this District Camp with the Troop. Thus on a very warm Friday evening the party made their various ways to Phasells Wood from the Headquarters at 6.30pm. to arrive between 7 and 7.30pm.

The Group were soon busy setting up the Camp and organising themselves so much so that we could not join in the Wide Game the District had organised. After a light supper the Cub Scouts were marshalled to the Toilet block and then to the tent for sleep or so we thought. As this was the first Scout Camp the Cub Scouts were experiencing the general excitement was expected.

Waking to a sunny Saturday we all enjoyed a hearty breakfast before the Flag Break. The District had decided that the Red Indian theme would prevail during the weekend and this was well promoted after Flag Break undertaken by three of out Scouts. Cub Scouts and Scouts were free to participate in various activities around the site including Abseiling, Archery, Shooting but only Scouts were allowed to take part in the last two. 1st Hanslope took on Face Painting and various colour coding on each group prevailed. The Cubs were taken on a ramble around the large site so that they could learn about a Scout Camp Site. After a light lunch and further chances to join in the activities the whole District gathered to witness, investitures and the final presentations to our DC Don Scott who was relinquishing his position after 12 hard working years.

Mrs. Leathersich’s wonderful Chicken casserole was then soon eaten and we all then prepared to walk to the Camp Fire circle. Although the setting was ideal for a Camp Fire, regrettably J. Franklin GSL 1st Wolverton was not up to position of Camp Fire Leader but the gathering made the most of a poor job with a few of our scouts undertaking the first stunt ‘The Magic Bucket’. We all returned to our site to prepare for bed after enjoying soup, thus the Cubs retired to their tent exhausted after their eventful day in glorious weather.

Arising on Sunday morning to another sunny day we all soon demolished our breakfast before preparing to gather in the outdoor chapel for a short Scouts Own Service. Once again the Cub Scouts and Scouts enjoyed the facilities and any lulls in the proceedings were soon taken care of by many hectic games of Volley Ball. After a light lunch some of the Scouts went on a Canoeing Course a few miles from the Camp Site whilst the remaining members of the party began breaking camp. In the afternoon the Flag Lowering took place which brought the District Camp to the close. During this ceremony Don Scott was presented with a scarf from each Group in the District to mark his sterling work for the District during his term of office. Piers had the privilege to present the 1st Hanslope Scarf to Don.

The Camp officially over we all returned to our site to finally break camp and pack our gear away, during this work any surplus food was soon eaten. When some of our transport arrived we loaded the vehicles and made our way home at 5.30pm. Each Cub Scout and Scout were taken to their homes after all the equipment was safely in the Headquarters and the whole party reached their homes at 7.0pm

Without a doubt 1st Hanslope had enjoyed a wonderful District Camp at a splendid site in gorgeous weather and the Cub Scouts especially would look back on the weekend as highlight of their Scouting life which would be further remembered by the presentation of a special Camp Badge.


Cub Scouts
Piers Walker White Sixer
Gregory Lock White Seconder
Craig Chinnery Yellow Seconder
Richard Thornton Green Sixer
Edward Nicholson
Green Seconder
Howard Cox Blue Sixer
Mathew Wilkinson Blue Seconder
7 Cub Scouts
8 invited
19 Scouts

Leaders: Skip, Kevin Dillow ASL, Akela and Kaa with Mr. P. Cox

Akela C.S.L.

Written by Akela - (Robin Coles) - Cub Scout Leader