Sunday July 15th 1990

Milton Keynes North District Cub Scouts Sports

At Bushfield School Wolverton at 2.0pm.

We all assembled at 1.15pm. for the final pep talk, so that all the lads tried their utmost to win the shield for the 10th year running, we departed for Wolverton.

When we arrived at Bushfield School we saw Bagheera, Mr. Smith and Mr. Redman busily engaged in helping the District team in running the sports. Eight Packs had entered the Sports and we were told that there would be heats in the applicable events and the first 2 in each heat would go forward to the finals. The Pack Leaders had previously gained permission from the ADC to register some of our young Cub Scouts in the senior section so that we would enter every event possible.

The weather was very hot during the sports so we organised Craig and Graham to administer drinks for our team and also to refresh each competitor after his event by wiping a cold wet flannel around their faces. Our team started off very quietly but once into the highly competitive events we started to make our mark. Each team member tried their hardest to get into the first two in their events so ensuring the Pack of further points in the final. The relay team really put the Pack’s mark on the Competition by winning their heat of the Relay and then by superb running, winning the Final and thus the District Commissioner Cup, which was the first time we had achieved this feat. Although our lads had given their all for the team they still found reserves of stamina to win through to the Tug of War final and then becoming the Tug of War champions.

We awaited the final results from the ADC Paul Swannell but not until 1st Hanslope parents and Kaa had won all the Raffle prizes.

Paul announced the placings in reverse order. 8th Stoke Goldington 6 points, 7th - 5th Newport Pagnell 75, 6th Stony Stratford 90, 5th – 3rd Newport Pagnell 92, 4th – 4th Newport Pagnell Invincible 96, 3rd - 4th Newport Pagnell Beattie 98, 2nd Gifford Park 104, and in 1st place 1st Hanslope with 122 points.

What a Sports Day thanks to the Parents vocal support and the team’s outstanding efforts we had won the Sports for the 10th year in succession and as a further success the Relay Cup.

Team 8 - 9½
P. Mitchell the 1st (W)
Gareth Reynolds (W)
Graham Bugg (Y)
Thomas Daniels (G)
Russell Jones (B)
Dominic Spinnelli (W)
James Osborne (B)
Oliver Davies (B)
Team 9½ - 10½ yrs Competitors in Seniors Class
Edward Nicholson (G)
Craig Chinnery (Y)
Mark Redman (W)*
David Lynch (Y)* * = competed in senior class
Paul McDonald (G)*
Peter Smith (G)*
14 Cub Scouts

Leaders: Akela, Bagheera and Kaa with Bagheera, Mr. Smith & Mr. Redman helping run Sports

Akela C.S.L.

Written by Akela - (Robin Coles) - Cub Scout Leader