Thursday March 23rd 1989

Pack Visit to Bletchley Fire Station

After subscriptions, Grand Howl and inspection Akela organised the loading of each car. We arrived at the Fire Station at 6.30pm. and Akela reported to the Officer in charge, who turned out to be Frank Hayle, the ADC for Training for our Scout District.

After Frank had talked to the party explaining that Firemen do not only deal with fires but road accidents, flooding and rescuing are some of the other incidents they are expected to attend in their normal working day, we divided into two parties to inspect the station.

Each party were shown around the Fire engines and the wide range of equipment stored in each vehicle, had their uses explained to the Cub Scouts. It was soon obvious that because of the many different types of incidents the Firemen were called on to deal with they had to carry a very comprehensive range of equipment extra to the normal fire fighting items.

During the visit the Bletchley and Broughton Fire crews engaged in a practice which involved rescuing people trapped in a burning building. We were told that during the Firemen’s normal 15 hour shift they had regular practical and theory training to ensure that when called out they had the necessary skills to work as a team to deal with the particular incident.

Having toured the Station to see where the Firemen spent their rest periods we made our way to the ‘Rat Run’. The Cub Scouts seemed concerned about the Rats but the Officers assured each party that there were only a few. The ‘Rat Run’ turned out to be a building where the Firemen carried out the training for entering buildings when they had to wear breathing apparatus because of the smoke. Great fun was had by all the visitors, including the adults, in negotiating the tunnels.

We thanked the Fire Officers for an instructive tour which had made us more aware of the work and skill of the Fire Service and we returned to the Headquarters at 8.35pm. to awaiting parents.

White Six W. Griffin, E. Porter, S. Barfoot, S. Goodman, R.Thornton, P. Walker, N. Thorley
Yellow Six J. Harding, C. Dillow, P. Woolley, C. Mitchell, C. Chinnery
Blue Six A. Cross, A. Wilson, H. Cox, M. Wilkinson, K. Hughes, G. Lock
Green Six G. Hill, L. Ashton, P. Brown, P. Redman, T. Ayles, A. Mitchell
P. McDonald, M. Redman and P. Smith NOT INVESTED

Leaders: Akela and Bagheera

Parents: Mrs. McDonald, Mr. Redman, Mr. Harding and Mr. Goodman

Akela C.S.L.

Written by Akela - (Robin Coles) - Cub Scout Leader