Thursday Jan 24th 1991

Milton Keynes North District Cub Scouts Quiz

Buckinghamshire County Scouts had decided not to continue the Cub Scout County Quiz Competition in 1991 but the Milton Keynes North District at a Rock Council Meeting agreed to keep the Quiz for the District as all Leaders felt it was a worthwhile District event.

After the Thursday’s Pack Meeting we greeted our opponents Stantonwood ‘Eagles’ for the First Round of the District Quiz. After suitable refreshments for the 2 teams and adults, Mr. Cox the Quiz Master started the contest.

Both teams found the going tough and it was obvious that it would produce a low scoring round. Hanslope’s team managed to keep a slight lead through the first 5 Rounds on General Knowledge, Sport, Scouting, Safety & First Aid and Entertainment. Stantonwood became over excited in the early part of the contest and Mr. Cox had to remind the lads that order must be retained to insure a fair contest.

The score going into the 6th and final round was Hanslope 17 Stantonwood 16 points so the last round on Wild Life was going to be the deciding factor. Alas Stantonwood just managed to forge ahead and won the Competition 19 points to 18.

It proved to be a close contest between two evenly matched teams and although the scoring was low we must congratulate Stantonwood on progressing into the next stage.

Team Qualifying Date 30th April 1991
Thomas Daniels (G) UNDER 9½ yrs 7pts
James Cheeseman (W) 4pts
Alex Southall (B) OVER 9½ yrs 6pts
David Lynch (Y) 1pt

Question Master: Mr. P. Cox

Scorer: Bagheera

Akela C.S.L.

Written by Akela - (Robin Coles) - Cub Scout Leader