Sunday Feb 10th 1991

Ramble in Hanslope Parish

We assembled at the Headquarters for a 9.0am. start on a cold day with snow underfoot. The original plans were to journey to Sherington for a circular walk, but owing to the snowy conditions the Leaders decided to walk locally and leave the Sherington Ramble for better weather.

With everybody suitably attired for a strenuous ramble in the February weather we made our way across the fields on footpaths past Manor Farm to Hatton Court. On this leg Richard Cross complained of a leg injury and was put on Kaa’s shoulders to conserve his strength, however he soon complained of vertigo and asked to be placed at a lower height. We progressed on the Bridleway around Hanslope Park noting that our famous Church Spire had disappeared in the mist. Bagheera’s hip flask certainly fortified the adults during the ramble which probably accounted for a snowball fight near Her Majesty Civil Service’s perimeter fencing.

Returning towards Hanslope along footpaths around Ivy Farm we came upon signs stating private paths, but undeterred by what we thought were illegal notices we progressed to Park Road and then to the Headquarters.

Whilst Cathy prepared soup we organised a robust game of football on a pitch covered in snow. Halftime was spent on tactical talk and consuming tomato soup and biscuits. The match< finished at 12 noon when parents gathered to collect their tired but adventurous sons.

We all agreed that we had had a very enjoyable ramble in wintry conditions and the experience was very worthwhile for the Pack.

White Six M. Redman, P. Mitchell, D. Spinelli, J. Cheeseman
Yellow Six P. Mitchell the 2nd, G. Bugg, M. Pell NOT INVESTED
Green Six R. Robson
Blue Six P. McDonald, R. Cross
10 Cub Scouts

Leaders: Akela, Baloo, Bagheera, Kaa and Cathy with Mr. McDonald, Mr. Redman and Mr. Read (Cathy’s husband)

Akela C.S.L.

Written by Akela - (Robin Coles) - Cub Scout Leader