Sat March 2nd 1991

Milton Keynes North District Sub Scout Cross Country


This year’s venue had been arranged at Hanslope’s Equestrian Centre through the hard work of the ADC, Mr. Kevin Lock and Bagheera and of course by the kind permission of Mr. Peter Taylor the owner.

We met at Hanslope Headquarters at 9.15am. for the Cub Scouts to change into their running gear, organising the two teams we had entered and last but not least talking over tactics. Bagheera had been working with our Scouts from 8.30am. on the course to mark the course and set up the start / finish lines.

We walked to the course limbering up in the process so that our runners were both fit in body and mind so that they could ‘do their best’ in what is always a very competitive event in the Cub Scout’s District calendar.

The course could be seen from the start/finishing area so the spectators had a fine view of the 121 runners as they battled around the fields and skirting the cross country horse jumps. This year the ‘Hare’ led the boys around the course in fine style resulting in a race without any problems.

The ADC organised the collecting and calculations to find the winning team and announced that 15 teams had completed with Two Mile Ash Vikings in first place with 75 points followed by Hanslope A with 166, 3rd Great Linford 182, 4th Stony Stratford ‘Cherokees’ 209 and 5th 3rd Newport Pagnell 237. Hanslope B with 437 had finished 13th. He thanked the owner and special thanks to the organisers and it was seen that Bagheera had done a wonderful job in setting up the course with Mr. Kevin Lock and the 1st Hanslope Scouts had done sterling work in marshalling.

We walked back to the Headquarters elated that all 15 of our runners finished the course but had also given a good account of themselves at a District Event.

Team A Team B
Gareth Reynolds 10th White Six 166pts James Cheesman 43rd White Six 437pts
Paul McDonald 18th Blue Six
Graham Bugg 57th Yellow Six
Mark Redman 20th White Six Russell Jones 62nd Blue Six
Peter Smith 26th Green Six Ben Pearce 86th Yellow Six
Edward Nicholson 29th Green Six Richard Cross 92nd Blue Six
Paul Mitchell the 2nd 63rd Yellow Six James Osborne 97th Blue Six
David Lynch 80th Yellow Six Maurice Pell 111th Green Six
Thomas Daniels 107th Green Six 7 IN TEAM

Leaders: Akela, Bagheera, Kaa & Cathy

Akela C.S.L.

Written by Akela - (Robin Coles) - Cub Scout Leader