Sunday April 7th 1991

Hanslope Cub Scout Pack v Bagheera’s All Stars

Both teams assembled at the Headquarters to prepare for the annual Football match. The All Stars could see that the Pack were preparing themselves to avenge last year’s defeat and had organised new tactics for the struggle.

The match started with each team trying to find each other’s weaknesses and the two goal keepers were soon tested. The All Stars defence, because of lack of teamwork often got themselves into awful muddles in front of their goal mouth, presenting the hungry Pack forwards with numerous chances.

The Pack’s tactics became apparent, get as many Cubs around the ball as possible so that the All Stars could not find it and if some Cubs could not keep up with the ball have a good chat to your chums. Unfortunately this chatting spread to the ladies in the All Stars team and many cooking, sewing and knitting tips were exchanged during the end to end football. Mrs. Cross was given the yellow card by the Referee for unwomanly conduct and Bagheera also received the yellow card for persistent fouling. At half time the scores were all square at 3 -3 but the All Stars could have been in front if only a Scout, Paul Redman had not stopped one of Akela’s shots from entering the net, if he had been wearing something colourful the Referee might have seen him, as it was his bright yellow coat was not spotted.

After the interval the All Stars produced some fresh players to try and overwhelm the battling Pack team. Just when the All Stars were showing their all round style, Kaa was given his matching orders for smoking on the field.

Before the All Stars could regroup a hail storm made the Referee send both teams to the shelter of the Headquarters. Having restarted, the play swung from end to end and near full time the Pack took an 8 – 7 lead and just when it looked as though the All Stars were going to level the score the Referee blew for the end of this epic match.

The teams and supporters returned to the Headquarters for the match trophies to be awarded. Ben went up to receive the trophy for the victorious Pack and Dominic was presented with the Best Player award on the Pack team and Mrs. Mitchell won the All Star award for sticking to her goalkeeper’s job throughout the match despite the awful weather. Bagheera presented an award to Mr. R. Johnson who had refereed the match in the true spirit of our annual football match. The Cub Scouts then had a wonderful surprise as Mr. Johnson presented every single Cub Scout with a marvellous medal for their victory over the All Stars.

After enjoying refreshments served by Mrs. Jenkins and daughters with the assistance of Bagheera’s Civil Engineer from deepest Kent we all returned home, wet, tired but very happy after a great football match despite the weather.

The Pack Team
White Six M. Redman, G. Reynolds, D. Spinelli, J. Cheeseman
Yellow Six C. Chinnery, B. Pearce (Capt), P. Mitchell the 2nd , D. Lynch
Green Six E, Nicholson, T. Daniels
Blue Six P. McDonald, R. Jones, J. Osborne, R. Cross
14 Cub Scouts
And R. Pearce & D. Cross NOT INVESTED

Bagheera’s All Stars
First Half Mrs. Mitchell 2nd (goalkeeper), Bagheera, Akela, Kaa, Cathy, Mrs. Daniels, Mrs. Spinelli, Mrs. Nicholson, Mrs. Cross, Mr. McDonald, Mr. Leathersich, Mr. Jones, Mr. Redman, Mr. Reynolds, Mr. Mitchell 2nd, Mr. Cox

Second Half Mrs. Mitchell 2nd (goalkeeper), Bagheera, Akela, Kaa, Skip, Mr. Reynolds, Mr. Osborne, Mr. Spinelli, Mr. Nicholson, Mr. Daniels, Mr. Cox

Referee: Mr. R. Johnson

Playing Conditions: Wet underfoot, overcast, windy, cold and hail storm

Akela C.S.L.

Written by Akela - (Robin Coles) - Cub Scout Leader