Fri Sat/Sun May 3rd/ 4th/ 5th 1991

Cub Scout District Camp at Phasells Wood, Kings Langley

We all met at the Headquarters for a 5.0pm. departure, having used some of the previous day’s Pack Night to prepare the Camping Equipment for transport. Having loaded the kit and Cub Scouts we eventually said our farewells to the Parents at 5.15pm.

Having arrived safely in convoy, because Mr. Cross was the only one with a route map, we decided on our location in the big field and set up camp. As everyone worked as a team, with valuable assistance from Mr. Cross and Mr. Osborne, the main parts of the camp were soon in place which allowed the Pack to join the Wide Game at 8.0pm.

When the Pack returned to our Camp Site after a hectic Wide Game they were treated to Hot Dogs and for the only time during the Camp Tomato Sauce was allowed.

The Cub Scouts were told the Rules of Camp, Duties of the Crew on work detail and the next day’s programme. The Pack then retired to their tents for their first night under canvas.

We all awoke after a night of rain to wash and enjoy a full English breakfast. After the Camp Site was spick and span we joined all the other Packs from M.K. North for the Flag Break and official opening of the Camp. The boys went off to enjoy the various Pirate Challenges organised by each Pack around the field. 1st Hanslope laid on a Pirate Trail which if you were unlucky meant head in a bucket of water, face painted, water pistol duel and being hit with a bag,

Having enjoyed a sandwich lunch the lads dressed in their Pirates’ gear for enjoying Pirate Pranks. Baloo judged that the best dressed Pirates were Alex and Thomas from our Pack and were presented with a small prize. The pack then went around the field visiting the various fun sports put on by each Pack. 1st Hanslope organised a game called ‘JUMPING JACKS’ which each Pack visited during the afternoon. At the end of the activities it was found that 1st Hanslope had won the competition.

Having enjoyed an excellent Dinner the Pack went off to enjoy a Wide Game organised by Bagheera for all the Cub Scouts at the Camp in which our lads gave a very good account of themselves. Having returned to the Camp Site to put on extra clothes to beat the weather we all assembled at the Camp Fire for a wonderful evening’s entertainment despite the wind and smoke. We had volunteered to put on a Stunt thus Gareth, Paul and Ben performed ‘THE UGLIEST CUB SCOUT IN THE WORLD’ helped by Akela. Having returned to our Camp Site for hot chocolate the lads retired for the night.

After a wash and breakfast we assembled for Flag Break and then walked to the outdoor Chapel for a Scouts Own under the direction of Paul Swannell ADC. Returning to our Camp Site, Bagheera and Brett Organised the building of our Gun Carriage for the morning’s run. The Gun Carriage stood the test as our team arrived at the finishing line first but owing to some firing difficulties they took second place as indeed did our second team.

Lunch over we started to break camp with the older Cub Scouts gaining instruction in the process. The tasks were soon accomplished by a team of willing workers and we rewarded ourselves with a game of cricket where some of the lads showed excellent skills.

We all attended the Closing Ceremony and each Leader presented everyone in their party with a Camp Badge to mark a wonderful weekend camping with the District at Phasells Wood.

Having loaded Mr. Cross’ trailer and Mr. Osborne’s van we departed for home and arrived at the Headquarters at 6.20pm. Despite the rain and cold nights we all had enjoyed a fun packed weekend with our friends from the pack and District. Good food had been served and many new experiences of Scouting had been enjoyed together with many more skills achieved.

The Party
White Six M. Reynolds, D. Lynch, P. Mitchell, D. Spinelli, J. Cheeseman
Yellow Six B. Pearce, P. Mitchell the 2nd , G. Bugg
Green Six G. Reynolds, Peter Smith, M. Woolley, T. Daniels, M. Pell
Blue Six P. McDonald, A. Southall, R. Jones, J. Osborne, R. Cross
18 Cub Scouts

Tent Leaders: P. McDonald, Capt Morgan, M. Reynolds Capt Kidd, B. Pearce Capt Teach

6 to a Patrol Tent

Leaders: Akela, Baloo, Bagheera and Brett Coles V.S.

Transport: Mr. Cross with Trailer and Mr. Osborne Van

£10 Fee No subsidy from G.C.

£4.50 Camp Fees £5.0 Food

Akela C.S.L.

Written by Akela - (Robin Coles) - Cub Scout Leader