Sunday April 2nd 1989

Way Marking Hanslope Parish

Having promised the Parish Council that the Group would continue to help in maintaining the Way Marking of the Right of Way in the Parish we arranged a walk to meet our obligations.

We met at the Headquarters on a very wet morning which alas was to continue during the whole duration of the route. Although the ground was heavy in some parts of the walk we successfully marked Footpath 63 from Green End Lane to Higham Cross and the Footpath from Pindon Manor to the River Tove on the Parish Boundary. Returning by way of Bridleway 13 and Footpath 52 and 11 along Cuckoo Hill, replacing markers where required, we returned back at the village tired and wet but satisfied of our mornings achievements.

The Party
Cub Scouts Scouts Parents
Gregory Lock Brett Coles Mr. McDonald
Andrew Mitchell Tait Coles Mr. Mitchell
Christopher Mitchell Lee McDonald Mr. Monk
Paul McDonald (not invested)
Mr. Lock

Parish Council: Mrs. Gathard, Mrs. Bellham, Mrs. Bennett with Mr. Bellham and Mr. Bennett

Leader: Akela

Written by Akela - (Robin Coles) - Cub Scout Leader