Sunday June 23rd 1991

Gilwell Park Cub Day

We assembled at the Headquarters at 8.0am to await the coach from Olney.

The coach arrived at 8.30am. and we boarded to travel to Gilwell Park, Chingford in Epping Forest with our Cub Scouting friends from 1st Olney.

We arrived at 9.50am. and after Akela had reported to reception our lads were organised into groups of 2 or 3. The Pack was told to visit as many activities as possible during the day so that they gained the maximum fun and learning from the bases spread around the wonderful Camp Site.

The Leaders wandered around the site to see the activities available. There was lots to do including Aerial Runways, Grass sledging. Abseiling, Canoeing, Fun Castle, Computer Games, Pillow fighting, Model Car Racing display, Police display, Lego building and Royal Institute for the Blind base. The weather started to be unkind to us before lunch so when the Pack returned to the Coach Park at 12.30pm for their Lunch we all had to retreat inside the coach to demolish our food.

We encouraged the boys to tell each other what they had seen and participated in so that they could make sure that they did not miss anything during the afternoon. Unfortunately the rain became worse and all the crowds on site soon became very wet but still determined to see and take part in the fun. The Leaders gathered half the Pack for a short tour of the historic points in the International Camp Site.

The weather became too much of a handicap and we decided to return home at 4.pm. but all agreed that the day out had been fantastic.

We arrived back at the Headquarters at 5.30pm., one hour earlier than planned and so we organised a few Six relay games until the Parents came at 6.30pm. to pick up their wet but happy sons.


White Six M. Redman, D. Lynch, P. Mitchell, D. Spinelli, J. Cheeseman
Yellow Six B. Pearce, P. Mitchell the 2nd , G. Bugg, M. Reynolds, I. Cooper
Green Six G. Reynolds, M. Woolley, T. Daniels, M. Pell, R. Pearce
Blue Six P. McDonald, A. Southall, R. Cross
18 Cub Scouts
£6.0 for OUTING
(£2.00 x 18 short because of coach not being full)

Leaders: Akela, Baloo, Kaa and Mrs. Coles

Akela C.S.L.

Written by Akela - (Robin Coles) - Cub Scout Leader