Fri/Sat/Sun Sept 13th/14th/15th 1991

Annual Weekend Trip to Shropshire

We assembled at the H.Q. at 4.0pm and managed to set forth on our journey well before 4.30pm. We travelled through Banbury, Stratford upon Avon and Worcester in 2 Mini Buses pointing out the places of interest in readiness for the Quiz on Saturday evening.

Chip supper on the Downs

Having reached Bromyard, Baloo negotiated a good deal with the chip shop and we retraced our journey a few miles back so that we could enjoy our excellent supper on the downs with Kaa enjoying 2 meals to our one. We travelled on through Leominster and Ludlow to the Youth Hostel ‘Wilderhope Manor’ on Wenlock Edge.

Wilderhope Manor

It was now 8.50pm. when we met the Warden who heroically tried to obtain the breakfast order for the following morning, luckily for him he had to answer the telephone and when he returned the order had been achieved. The party settled in and washed in readiness for the briefing on the Weekend’s programme. Briefing over the Cub Scouts retired to bed excited by what was in store and the magnificent Hostel that we had found in the depths of Shropshire. Whist the Leaders relaxed in the 16th Century Manor House most of the Cub Scouts took the opportunity to sleep.

The party was up bright and early at 7.0am. and some of the Party took the opportunity for a short stroll in surrounding fields where the true splendour of the Manor House in its beautiful surroundings was revealed.

Breakfast and chores completed we travelled to Little Stretton to commence what in the end was one of the most remarkable hikes the Pack had undertaken. Fully equipped we walked along a bank of a stream between the hills, climbing steadily upwards until we reached the high hills. During a short break most of the party took the opportunity to walk further so that a view across into Wales was revealed. Continuing on the leg over the hills to our starting point we stopped to demolish our Packed Lunches where the now famous food swapping exercises took place. Y. H. Wardens seem to think everybody likes the contents of each bag, will they never learn. Having reached the Buses, we all paused to reflect on the wonderful hike we had experienced and achieved.

Seven Valley Railway

We then travelled to Bridge North via Ludlow for a short stop to look at the Castle. Having parked the Buses at the Severn Valley Railway, Baloo undertook his usual transaction to reduce the rail fares. We caught the 3.55pm. train to Highley which was late except Baloo and Bagheera who had to drive the Buses to our station. Not only were the Pack pulled with steam, the engine was the famous ‘Flying Scotsman’ and many train enthusiasts had turned out to see this historic engine. This trip was indeed an experience following the River Severn and being pulled by this famous Stream Engine. Reaching Highley we alighted to be greeted by Baloo and Bagheera where we walked to the Buses and arranged a game of Rounders in a Park.

The usual standard of Rounders was achieved until the Leaders took on the Pack and a more skilful game ensued. Some debate followed because Akela refused to walk when caught behind. He was determined to conquer Richard’s demon bowling and when this was achieved he gracefully retired. Having returned to the Y.H. we all showered, taking care with Maurice’s hair do, and changed for supper which was demolished with relish. The evening’s entertainment consisted of Beetle Drive, Quiz and a Concert between the Buses. Both teams entertained the Leaders with a variety of acts to a high standard but the judges Baloo and Mr. Monk decided that Bus No. 2 had won, no doubt benefiting from Bagheera’s insistence that they start rehearsals on the Friday night at Castlethorpe. The Cub Scouts retired to their bunks after a very exciting and hectic day to listen to one of Mr. Cox’s now famous ghost stories. Together with the story and surroundings the Cubs settled down to sleep with heads under the blankets.

Iron Bridge

Rising early to wash, partake of breakfast and chores completed we set off for a short ramble in the immediate area to discover Wenlock Edge. Returning to the Y.H. we ensured all personnel and kit was aboard the Buses before making our way to Ironbridge. Having parked we walked to see the famous Ironbridge and pose for Mr. Monk’s photo call, whether it was his lack of sleep or for the first time not having 12 breakfasts he seemed to be using his camera an awful lot. Having returned to the Buses we ate the Packed Lunches in a park by the River Severn. Russell and Michael soon learnt the new way of washing up the beakers and themselves.

Iron Bridge

We journeyed on to the Blists Hill Open Air Museum and having split into 3 separate parties explored the delights of the site depicting life in the Victorian times.

We reluctantly departed for home after a fun, action packed Weekend in the delights of the Shropshire countryside which will last in our memories for a very long time.

New Inn - Blist Hill Museum

For the first time ever we arrived at the H.Q. spot on time which caused many a mum to be caught out at 6.30pm.

White Six P. Mitchell, D. Spinelli, J. Cheeseman
Yellow Six B. Pearce, G. Bugg, D. Cross, M. Reynolds, I. Cooper
Green Six G. Reynolds, M. Woolley, T. Daniels, M. Pell, R. Pearce
Blue Six P. McDonald, A. Southall, R. Jones, J. Osborne, R. Cross
18 Cub Scouts
£30 Fee £42 in Total

Leaders: Akela, Baloo, Bagheera, Kaa ably assisted by Mr. Monk and Mr. Cox

Akela C.S.L.

Written by Akela - (Robin Coles) - Cub Scout Leader