Friday Sept 20th 1991

District Cub Scout Night Hike

We assembled at 6.0pm. at the Headquarters, attired in the correct clothes for a Hike in preparation to be at the ‘Robin Hood’ Public House, Clifton Reynes, for 7.0pm Hike Start.

Problems in transporting the 20 Cub Scouts arose because we had only 3 cars available, fortunately Mrs. Osborne and Mr. Cooper came to the rescue and we started out for Clifton Reynes at 6.30pm.

When we arrived and had parked the cars at the rear of the Pub we could all see that the majority of Milton Keynes North District Packs were ready to set forth on the evening hike. 1st Hanslope started after two other Packs at 7.15pm. on a route that was supposed to be easy to follow and marshalled at difficult points. It was soon evident that the hike was not going to be long enough for the Cub Scouts to gain the experience of walking in the dark as we were the only Pack who seemed to have a map with them. Akela stopped our Pack at regular interval to look and listen in dusk light, many of the Packs had already switched on their torches, but we decided the light was not yet bad enough to resort to such practices. As we had taken our time the leading groups were no longer to be seen and 1st Hanslope led the rest of the District into unknown territory. We followed the banks of the River Ouse in the gathering darkness under a nearly full moon with even our torches on, frequently referring to our map. We knew we were to finish the hike at our starting point but entering a field with barbed wire fencing and no sign of a style, positive action was required as the rest of the District could be seen in a long line to our rear. Fortunately a House holder on the way removed his electric fencing wire to allow us to proceed along his fields directing us to the next style. We finally arrived at the Pub a good half an hour after the first arrivals at about 8.40pm. It could be argued that 1st Hanslope led the District along the wrong route but we also got them home which is more important. Suitably refreshed with hot soup and bread and a pint of ale for the adults we made our way home for each Cub Scout to be dropped off at his address at 10.pm

We had all enjoyed what turned out to be en eventful hike and the night hike experience had enriched the scouting of our Pack.

White Six M. Redman, P. Mitchell, J. Cheeseman, D. Spinelli
Yellow Six B. Pearce, D. Cross, M. Reynolds, I. Cooper
Green Six G. Reynolds, P. Smith, M. Woolley, T. Daniels, R. Pearce
Blue Six P. McDonald, A. Southall, R. Jones, J. Osborne
And S. Cordery, M. Nurse, J. Bull NOT INVESTED
20 Cub Scouts

Leaders: Akela & Bagheera with Mr. Redman

Transport: Mrs. Osborne going, Mr. Copper & Mr. Hill coming back

Written by Akela - (Robin Coles) - Cub Scout Leader