Thursday Oct 3rd 1991

Parents Pack Evening

Akela welcomed the Parents to the Pack Night but explained that as we only had two Leaders present the planned programme would have to be amended if problems arose. He also introduced Ben Ritchie a Patrol Leader from the Troop who was working for his Chief Scout’s Award and helping with the Pack was one of the requirements.

Once subs were collected, Grand Howl and Flag break completed, Bagheera with the aid of two Parents, inspected the Pack. Cub scouts and a few Parents to make the teams even, soon entered the Pack Night with gusto by playing a game called ‘Dashing About’ between the Sixes and ‘Anything Goes’ between two teams. Akela had also mentioned before the games that our Pack was very competitive and it was soon evident that the participating parents tried their best to reach the Cub Scouts commitment which caused much merriment.

Akela then explained the new Training programme to the Parents and the usual system where a Leader took each Badge section. However because of the situation the whole Pack would learn about First Aid incidents and Home Safety.

Thus Mrs. McDonald who felt faint, Mr. Spinelli with a badly bleeding arm, Mr. Cross with a burnt hand and Mr. Lock with a nose bleed were subjected to the Cub Scouts attempts in giving First Aid to the injured Parents. Ben then tested the Adventure Award boys on spotting unsafe things in the Kitchen.

We then played an energy sapping Six Game called ‘Percy Thrower’s Stew’ with the Parents once again performing well. Bagheera then ably assisted by Mrs. Bull and Mr. Cooper organised an Observation game in which twelve articles were tossed between a space for each Six to try and identify each one. It soon became apparent behind the scenes that Mrs. Bull’s throwing caused Mr. Cooper a lot of trouble but the game was concluded to Bagheera’s satisfaction. Involving a few more parents we then played a game called ‘Minder’ which once again caused many laughs.

We then all enjoyed a short Camp Fire which included Songs, Yells and two Stunts called ‘Log Rolling’ and ‘What’s Cooking’. The evening ended with Grand Howl and it was obvious that the whole gathering had enjoyed a wonderful, enlightening and happy Pack Night in which the Parents had seen for themselves Cub Scouting in action.

Mr. Monk then displayed the photographs of the Shropshire Weekend to the Parents.

White Six M. Redman, D. Lynch, P. Mitchell, J. Cheeseman, D. Spinelli
Yellow Six B. Pearce, P. Mitchell the 2nd, G. Bugg, D. Cross, M. Reynolds, I. Cooper
Green Six G. Reynolds, M. Woolley, T. Daniels, M. Pell, R. Pearce
Blue Six P. McDonald, A. Southall, R. Jones, J. Osborne, R. Cross
and J. Lock, J. Bull, S. Cordery, M. Nurse NOT INVESTED
25 Cub Scouts
9 Parents

Leaders: Akela and Bagheera with Ben Ritchie PATROL LEADER

Akela C.S.L.

Written by Akela - (Robin Coles) - Cub Scout Leader