Sunday Oct 20th 1991

Ramble around Sherington

We met at 8.45am. in the Headquarters to arrange the transport to Sherington. Having parked the cars in the village we set off on the circular way marked route. Paul McDonald and Mark Redman were in possession of the maps and expected to lead the party on the walk. Their part in the Ramble was to work for their Cub Scout Challenge Award.

The party stopped to collect fallen conkers in preparation for a contest between the Sixes at the next Pack Night. Having Mr. Lock with us certainly made us all aware of the things you can find on a Ramble in the Countryside, frequently pointing out different things we came across. Entering a field of frisky cattle and later some friendly horses in another field Mr. Lock’s presence soon calmed the nervous in our party. We came across pheasants and duck pens in a Spinney which were maintained for shooting parties. We continued our walk across the fields to return to Sherington.

Having found out where the Recreational Field was we organised a game of football. The two captains having made their selections and Akela deciding to participate even though he was the last selected, a furious end to end game ensued. There being no score at full time the match was decided on penalties and Paul having beaten his Dad just inside the post we returned to the Headquarters at 12.55pm.

We had all enjoyed an interesting ramble and a hectic game of football on a relatively mild October morning.

White Six M. Redman, P. Mitchell, D. Spinelli, J. Cheeseman
Yellow Six B. Pearce, G. Bugg, D. Cross, M. Reynolds, I. Cooper, S. Cordery
Green Six T. Daniels, R. Pearce
Blue Six P. McDonald, J. Osborne, J. Lock
15 Cub Scouts

Leaders: Akela, Bagheera and Kaa

Fathers: Mr. McDonald, Mr. Redman, Mr. Cooper, Mr. Spinelli, Mr. Lock

Akela C.S.L.

Written by Akela - (Robin Coles) - Cub Scout Leader