Saturday Nov 16th 1991

The Dorothy Cook Competition

Held at Baden Lodge Hanslope

We assembled at 8.30am. to prepare the hall for the arrival of the teams from our District. The Competition started about 9.30am. with 7 Bases ready to test the teams of Cub Scouts on their knowledge and skills on Scouting from the new Training Programme.

The seven bases were Country Code – History of Scouting- Health & Hygiene – Mapping & Compass – Road Safety & Bike Maintenance- First Aid and Hanslope’s Base Mapping Symbols in addition the ADC, Paul Swannell, carried out inspection during the contest.

During the contest we took a short break for Refreshments kindly provided and prepared by our Scout Group Council. Having looked at our team’s score sheet we could see that some poor scores would make it difficult to win the Competition but we lived in hope of a final push for points after the break.

The ADC then announced the scores in reverse order. In 7th place 3rd Newport Pagnell 45, 6th Stoke Goldington 49, 5th 1st Wolverton Prairies 53, 4th 1st Hanslope 56, 3rd 1st Wolverton Timbers 57½, 2nd Two Mile Ash & Great Holm Vikings, 59½ and the winners Great Linford with 60½. The scores were very close and as the ADC told the Cub Scouts in the competition they were all winners because they were competing unlike most of the other Packs in the District.

Our team had done their very best and they all admitted that they had learned a lot and had enjoyed the morning’s event.

Our friends from the District having departed we set forth to clear the hall.

Gareth Reynolds Green Six Adventure Crest Award
Thomas Daniels Green Six
Dominic Spinelli White Six
Richard Cross Blue Six Adventure Award
Daniel Cross
Yellow Six
Robert Pearce Green Six
all under 10½ on Nov 16th 1991

Leaders: Akela, Bagheera and Kaa

Akela C.S.L.

Written by Akela - (Robin Coles) - Cub Scout Leader