Saturday March 7th 1992

Milton Keynes North District Cub Scouts Cross Country

at Hanslope

This was the 5th Annual cross Country and for the second year running was held at the Hanslope Equestrian Centre. Much hard work had been done by Bagheera in organising the event with much appreciated help from Mr. Lock, Scouts and Venture Scouts from our Group.

We met at the Headquarters at 9.0am. for Akela to organise the 3 teams entered for the event. This year the Leaders from the District decided to have a race for the under 9½ and one for the over 9½ over a longer course then the younger age group. One team of under 9½ and 2 teams of over 9½ were sorted out and after Akela had motivated our 18 Cubs we set off to walk to the course. Whilst on the walk we limbered up and continued to get ourselves into the correct mental attitude to do our best.

When we reached the course all our Cub Scouts were raring to go and last minute tactics were related to our runners by Bagheera. The under 9½ race was held first with our Venture Scout James Monk running as the hare, we admired his stamina if not his style. Ian Cooper came in first after a marvellous run and from the team’s individual placings expectations were high.

Our A and B teams then set off on the longer course determined to do as well as their younger comrades. Stephen Leathersich was the hare and dug in well to ensure he finished first over the finishing line. Results in from both races, we awaited Paul Swannell ADC announcement of the final placings. There were 9 teams in the younger race and it was announced the 1st Hanslope with 30 points had won with Gifford Park 40 and Two Mile Ash & Great Holm 64 coming 2nd and 3rd respectively. The over 9½ results were announced with our B Team coming equal 7th, Olney 2nd with 74 and much to our delight in 1st place 1st Hanslope A with 55 points. Thus we received 2 shields and much to the Pack’s and watching Parents delight and thus another landmark had been reached – THE FIRST TIME WE HAD WON THE CROSS CROUNTRY.

All the Cubs participating had done really well over a gruelling course but 1st Hanslope returned to the H.Q. very contented with their winning efforts.

Under 9½ Team [9 Teams in race]
Ian Cooper (Y) 1st 30 points

First 4 in team for team placings

Marc Reynolds (Y) 6th
Henry Tonnison (W) 9th
Robert Pearce (G) 14th
Richard Cross (B) 27th
Alistair Day (G) 37th

Over 9½ Team A [11 Teams in race]
Dominic Spinelli (W) 12th 55 points

First 4 in team for team placings

Michael Woolley (B) 11th
Graham Bugg (W) 14th
Paul Mitchell 2nd (Y) 18th
James Cheeseman (Y)
Alex Southall (B) 28th

Over 9½ Team B
Cliff Nicholson* 19th 105 points
Maurice Pell (G) 26th
Russell Jones (B) 27th
Paul Mitchell (W) 33rd
Nicholas Daniels* (W) 48th
John Bull* (G) 53rd

* Under 9½
18 Cub Scouts

Leaders: Akela and Bagheera
Written by Akela - (Robin Coles) - Cub Scout Leader