Thursday May 4th 1989

Pack’s Parents Evening

After Akela had welcomed the Parents and explained the format for the evening, Baloo took Grand Howl and Flag Break. Akela completed the Inspection with help from two mothers and Bagheera with a Fathers help had collected the subs prior to Grand Howl.

With the Pack split into two teams ‘Kim's Game of Speed’ and ‘Thread the Needle’ began the evening activities, both games were very competitive and excess energy was expended.

Akela then explained the basic idea to Arrow Work before each Arrow group settled down to their respective Arrow activity. The Parents were invited to wander around the groups to observe the Bronze engrossed in Meaning of the Scarf and Badges, Map reading by the Silver group Simple First Aid being taught to the Gold Cub Scouts.

The parents by this time were itching to join in the games and so they became Cub Scouts when required to join in the fun during the ‘Puff Relay’, ‘The Other Chap’ and ‘Dashing About’. It must be said that the competitiveness of the Pack when engaged in games had been seen by the parents and they made sure that they did not let the Sixes down when doing their best.

The whole gathering then arranged themselves for a Camp Fire. Before opening the Camp fire, Akela explained to the group the traditions of this Scouting experience. Happiness from all was evident as Songs, Yells and a Stunt were performed.

Akela thanked the Parents for their attendance and that they had learned something of the sons Cub Scouting during their stay in the Pack. The Grand Howl taken by Akela then concluded a very successful Pack Parents Evening.

White Six E. Porter, S. Goodman, P. Walker, N. Thorley, M. Redman
Yellow Six J. Harding, P. Brown, P. Woolley, C. Mitchell, B. Pearce, C. Chinnery
Green Six C. Dillow, L. Ashton, A. Mitchell, P. Smith, P. McDonald
Blue Six A. Wilson, P. Redman, H. Cox, M. Wilkinson, K. Hughes, G. Lock
22 Cub Scouts
20 Parents

Leaders: Akela, Baloo, Bagheera, Kaa

Akela C.S.L.

Written by Akela - (Robin Coles) - Cub Scout Leader