Saturday August 6th 1983

Annual Outing for the Cub Scouts

For this outing we visited ‘Bring a Friend’ at Gilwell Park Chingford

Met at Headquarters for 8-0a.m. start and travelled in a Mini Bus and Mr. Tutin’s car. We arrived at Gilwell Park approx 10.0a.m. and reported to the organisers for a briefing and the programme. Gilwell Park is the main training centre for Leaders and is a large fully equipped site with excellent facilities amid Epping Forest.

The cubs split up into two or threes and visited any of the six buses Big Top, Camelot, Hobbit, Moon Base, On Safari and Stone Age. At the buses they found a comprehensive range of events supervised by Leaders and Scouts with the emphasis on having lots of fun. We all met at 12.30p.m. for a picnic lunch in the Car Park and the cubs were having so much fun they quickly gulped down their lunch so that they could return as soon as possible to the next bus. We all returned to the Car Park at 4.0p.m. for the journey home but before starting the cubs had to be tidied up from having been in a battle where the ammunition had been flour bombs, however the painted faces were left, even on the adults.

We broke our homeward journey near Dunstable to participate in a meal Skip had organised of burger, chips beans washed down with orange squash. Arriving back at Hanslope at 7.30p.m. the whole party including the adults voted it a marvellous day of fun with so many activities it was impossible for the cubs to visit all the buses and a return outing another year is a must. Thanks must be given to the Scout Council who’s financial support for the transport made it possible.

The Party

White Six S. Thornton, B. Coles, S. Cook, A. Tutin, J. Scibilia
Green Six J. Boss, R. Hart, A. Grewcock, S. Richards, J. Beazley
Yellow Six P. Jones, M. Trodd, A. Turney, S. Fraser
Blue Six J. Guest, C. Goldsney, D. Ward, S. Goodman
Total 18

Leaders Skip and Baloo assisted by Mr. I. Tutin and the Bus Driver

Written by Baloo - (Robin Coles) - Assistant Cub Scout Leader