Sunday Sept 11th 1983

Visit to Quarries - Cosgrove

Met at 9.0a.m. at headquarters and Pack dispatched to Castlethorpe from where they hiked with Akela and Skip across field to the Quarries. In the meantime Baloo and Steve arrived to sort out a camp base with fire. Unfortunately owing to the appalling weather and a shortage of dry wood it became obvious that our plans for the day would have to be altered.

When the Pack arrived at the Quarries, wet but in good spirits, it was decided to return to the Headquarters and continue our activities in the dry. This meant hurried reorganisations had to be made both in transport and food. We all arrived at the Headquarters about 12.0 and the Leaders wives organised the cooking of the Lunch in various houses. After a hot cup of tea and discarding of wet clothes we had a few warming up games.

Lunch of Sausages, Beans and Jacket Potatoes were served by the Leader’s wives which was hastily consumed by the hungry cub scouts. During the afternoon a series of games were played and the Leader’s children joined in the fun. We had a short break for tea where once again the Leader’s wives came up trumps in providing suitable refreshments. A few more games were played and the day ended about 5.0p.m. We all agreed that despite the rain and a hastily arranged programme we had a very enjoyable day with special thanks to the ladies who had provided us with excellent food and drink and parents who had helped with the transport.

The Party

White Six S. Thornton, B. Coles, J. Scibilia
Green Six R. Hart, A. Grewcock, S. Richards, J. Beazley
Yellow Six P. Cooper, P. Jones, M. Trodd
Blue Six J. Guest, C. Goldsney, A. Burns, D. Owen, S. Goodman
Total 15

Mrs. Payne, Mrs. Brown and Mr. Coles with children

Leaders Akela, Skip, Baloo and Steve

Written by Baloo - (Robin Coles) - Assistant Cub Scout Leader