Saturday 15th October 1983

The Dorothy Cook Competition

Held at the 1st Stony Stratford Headquarters

We met at the Headquarters at 9.0a.m. for Competition Start 9.30a.m. at Stony Stratford. Mr. Cook and Mr. Grewcock helped with transport to convey the six team members, Skip and Baloo.

14 packs entered the Competition 3rd Newport, Great Linford, 5th Newport, Bradville & Stantonbury, Stoke Goldington, Greenleys, Haversham, 1st Wolverton, 1st Stony Stratford ‘Cherokees’, 4th Newport, 1st Stony Stratford ‘Mohicans’, 1st Olney, Church Army M.K. and 1st Hanslope. Around the hall were 13 Test Stations arranged for 10 min examination time. The stations tested the cubs on various aspects of cub scout training. Skip and Baloo manned station 13 which was on First Aid but our cub scouts did not have to visit this according to the rules.

After Mrs. Copperwheat A.D.C.C.S. had totalled up the points awarded to each team at each station visited she announced the results.

First Stony Stratford ‘Mohicans’ 109 pts
2nd 3rd Newport 107 pts
3rd Greenleys 101½ pts
4th Bradwell & Stantonbury 99 pts

Our team came equal 5th with 93½ pts although we did not return victorious we all agreed that we had enjoyed a marvellous morning of scouting which we had all benefited from by learning something new.

We all arrived back at Hanslope at approximately 1-0 p.m.

Team Level of training
John Boss Green Six Sixer Gold
Andrew Grewcock Green Six Gold
Steve Richards Green Six Silver
Jonathan Beazley Green Six Silver
Stephen Cook White Six Bronze
Nathan Moore Yellow Six Bronze

Leaders Skip and Baloo

Written by Baloo - (Robin Coles) - Assistant Cub Scout Leader