Sunday Nov 6th 1983

Sponsored Walk for Headquarters Building Fund

Cub Scouts
Left - right Andrew Grewcock, Robert Hart,
Skip (Colin Mansell-Brown)
The Cub Scouts escorted by Baloo, Skip and Mr. T. Richards covered the 15km walk over the usual route. The walk had been altered for this Sunday because Game Shooting had been taking place on Saturday and this would have been a safety hazard. Although for various reasons the walk was held later in the year the conditions were quite good although some mist/fog was present for the first hour.

Robert Hart Green Sixer Seconder
Andrew Grewcock Green
Mark Boatwright White
John Boss Green Sixer
Jonathan Beazley Green
Simon Goodman Blue
Steve Richards Green
Nathan Moore Yellow
Brett Coles White Sixer
Andrew Turvey Yellow
David Owen Blue
Jason Scibilia White Seconder
Matthew Trodd Yellow
Anthony Burns Blue
Craig Goldsney Blue Seconder
Stephen Cook White
Paul Cooper Yellow Sixer Walked with Troup Link Badge
Craig Mobley Green Walked with Troup Link Badge
Total 18 Cub Scouts walked

The Cub Scouts raised a total of …. For the Building Fund

Written by Baloo - (Robin Coles) - Assistant Cub Scout Leader