Saturday 12th May 1984

Visit to the Quarries District Camp Site

Met at 9.0 a.m. Headquarters

After arriving at the Quarries and selecting our base the sixes went off to do their appointed tasks to set up our base. When the fire was alight and all necessary wood, water and equipment put into place we had the first Wide Game ‘Relieve Siege at Fort’. We then tasted Baloo’s first brew of tea and thus fortified we then played ‘Vanishing Post Box’ and ‘Bungo Bird’. Whilst Baloo was putting his finishing touches to his cooking we played a game loosely based on Cricket. Myles arrived prior to lunch having smelled Baloo’s cooking from miles away. We all feasted on sausages, hamburgers and beans with many cub scouts returning for second helpings of Baloo’s excellent offerings. After washing up each six followed a coloured matchstick trail at the end of each trail lollipops were found. Bagheera and Myles had set up an Assault Course and each Six were timed to find out the fastest Six over the course. Unfortunately hoards of Cub Scouts appeared from nowhere thinking the excellent Assault Course was part of the amusements at the Quarries. After dismantling the Assault Course we went off to play ‘Attacking the Line’ which proved to the Leaders that they were not as fit as they thought. The Leaders then decided that the next game would be their rest period and the Cubs went off to play a Wide Game called ‘Rocket’. Tea was then taken and after the Sixes and Seconders had washed up the cooking pots most of the Cubs tried the ‘Blind Mans Trail’ except the Bronze Arrow cubs who went off with Akela to cook a sausage over a fire. Our day out was coming to an end so we finished off with our version of Cricket. Leaders and wives made up one team and were all convinced we would have won if the cubs had not started playing rugby to prevent the more skilful side winning.
The camp was then cleared away and the site left tidy for our return to Hanslope at 6.30. Thus a great fun day had come to an end.

The Party
White Six B. Coles, M. Boatwright, M. Wylde, S. Leathersich, J. Unwin
Green Six S. Richards, J. Beazley, M. Wylde, J. Stent, D. Boss
Yellow Six A. Turvey, M. Trodd, N. Moore, D. Fraser, N. Brett
Blue Six S. Goodman, D. Owen, A. Burns, J. Monk, C. Scriven, G. Ashcroft
Total 20

Mrs. Coles, Mrs. Jenkins with children, Stuart Brown and Susan Brown

Leaders Akela, Baloo, Bagheera, and Myles

Akela C.S. L.

Special Mention of Anthony Burns who although getting up late still managed to join us mid morning after walking most of the way.

Written by Akela - (Robin Coles) - Cub Scout Leader