Thursday 13th Sept 1984

Pack Visit to Bletchley Fire Station

We all set off for the Fire Station at Bletchley after subs had been collected and cub scouts allocated to each car. Just prior to the main party arriving one engine had been called out to an emergency, this had been witnessed by a few of the cub scouts who had travelled with that well known flyer, Stephen, who had arrived early. After Neil had been administered First Aid after falling out of Akela’s car. We were welcomed by a Fire Officer who explained that the Station was manned for 24 hours each day by full time firemen and they had 3 engines plus a special accident vehicle at their disposal. He split the party into 3 groups who went with a Fireman around the Station.
We were shown around a Fire Engine and all the different equipment carried on each vehicle had their uses explained to us. A tour of the Station came next to see where Firemen rested and spent their time when waiting to be called to a fire or accident.
All the cub scouts had a chance to hold a hose and direct the water jet which proved fun.
We all thanked the Fire office for a splendid and interesting visit and he explained that owing to the call out, a display they had organized could not be undertaken but hoped we had enjoyed ourselves.
We all returned to the Headquarters approx 7.45 p.m.
This visit enabled the Gold Arrow cub scouts to complete part of their arrow. ‘Go on an expedition to a place such as Fire Station, Farm, etc. and discuss with leader how they help community’.

The Party
White Six B. Coles, S. Cook, M. Boatwright, S. Leathersich, J. Urwin
Green Six J. Scibilia, S. Richards, J. Beazley, J. Stent, M. Wylde, D. Boss
Yellow Six A. Turvey, M. Trodd, N. Moore, D. Faser, N. Brett, R. Turvey
Blue Six S. Goodman, D. Owen, A. Burns, C. Scriven J. Monk, G. Ashcroft
23 Cubs

Leaders Akela, Baloo, Bagheera, Myles, Stephen and Mr. Monk helping with transport.

Akela C.S.L.

Written by Akela - (Robin Coles) - Cub Scout Leader