Thursday March 28th 1985

Visit of 1st Roade Cub Scout Pack, Northants

1st Hanslope Cub Scouts entertaining their visitors from Roade Cub Scouts
1st Hanslope Cub Scouts entertaining their visitors from Roade Cub Scouts

6.0 p.m. to 7.30 p.m. Usual Pack Night Period

The Pack welcomed the Roade Cubs accompanied with their leader Chil. Akela sorted the cubs into 6 sixes so that Sixes and Seconders kept their rank but the other cubs were mixed up.

After Grand Howl and Flag Break the cubs were inspected by a Leader from the other Pack.

We then played a mixing game called ‘Odds and Evens’ followed by a game of ‘Moving Goal’ which caused the Leaders to take avoiding action from the line of fire. Two replay games followed, ‘Puff’ and ‘Flick’ which needed the cubs to work as a team within each six and by now the competitive spirit was abundantly heard.
Refreshments were next on the agenda, organized by Baloo and Myles. Akela took the opportunity to inform one of prospective Hanslope Cubs that we did not have squash and biscuits every Pack Night.
Chil then organized a game played by thee Roade Pack called ‘Dashing About’ which was certainly that. The Pack was then divided into 2 teams so that we could play ‘Thread the Needle’ which proved great fun even to Gary of Roade who was included in the game to even up the teams.
We then all settled down to a short Camp Fire where a song was sung from each of the Packs' song book ending with ‘Kom Ba Yah’.
A circle was then formed to prepare the boys for Grand Howl but before this Chil gave a Swimming Proficiency Badge to Akela so that he could present it to one of her cubs. Akela then presented Chil with a 1st Hanslope scarf as a memento for a wonderful joint Pack Night. Baloo then took the Grand Howl and Flag lowering.
We all said our farewells to each other, having made new friends from the Scout Movement, but we all hoped we shall meet again for another joint Cub Scout activity.

1st Hanslope Scouts
White Six S. Leathersich, J. Urwin, L. Payne, S. Shears
Yellow Six M. Boatwright, M. Wylde, D. Fraser, N. Brett, N. Trodd
Blue Six J. Monk, C. Scriven, G. Ashcroft, E. Cox
Green Six D. Owen, J. Beazley, J. Stent, D. Boss, M. Tutin, James Stent (not invested)
19 Cubs

1st Roade Cub Scouts: 10 with Chil, Sue and Gary

1st Hanslope Leaders: Akela, Baloo, Bagheera and Myles

Akela C.S.L

Written by Akela - (Robin Coles) - Cub Scout Leader