Saturday May 18th & Sunday May 19th 1985

Nature Project

Bronze and Gold met at Headquarters on a warm sunny morning at 9.30 a.m. The boys had been informed previously that this was a follow up from the first surveys to see what changes in nature had taken place since March.
Silver Arrow boys met on the Sunday to carry out their second survey. Akela took the Bronze Arrow cubs to the Pond assisted by Mr. S. Trodd, who is very knowledgeable on this subject. Baloo took the Gold cub scouts to the Hedge for further research.
Pond specimens were identified at the site using reference books and Mr. Trodd’s skill. Great fun was had by all: even Oliver laughed when he fell backwards and sat in the pond. Once again some wet feet were experienced including Akela’s. Will he never learn?
The Pond surveyors returned to the Headquarters to find the other party busy on drawing and recording their specimens from the hedge.
We all departed from the Headquarters happy we had carried out the Surveys to the best of our abilities and everyone knew a little more about nature.

The Party
Bronze Arrow L. Payne, O. Sawbridge, James Stent, R. Turvey, E. Cox, M. Smith, G. Bannon, S. Shears
Silver Arrow D. Owen, D. Boss, N. Brett, G. Ashcroft
Gold Arrow J. Stent, J. Monk, C. Scriven, M. Boatwright, S. Leathersich
17 Cubs

Leaders: Akela, Baloo, Bagheera with help from Mr. Trodd

Akela C.S.L.

Written by Akela - (Robin Coles) - Cub Scout Leader